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We're moving!!!

Eschauta, Mar 31, 09 3:12 PM.
Alright guys, I've put it up on the guild info tab, the Message of the Day and now here.



For if we move and you do not sign up, obviously you are not interested in what's going on in this guild; ergo, not interested in remaining in the guild.

What I am saying here is if you do not get on the new website, I will boot you.

Here's the address:

Ok, all you have to do if you're already in the guild is create your wowstead profile, and that's easy. Once you've done that, you can log in to the Easily Distracted webpage by typing in the guild password.

Where is this guild password? Why, it's where any guildie can see it, on the guild information tab in game. If you are taking a break from the game and haven't been on to check it, or can't for a while, you can reach me or Otus through this website's mail and we will give it to you.

I'm still in the process of moving some of our sticky posts over, so there's not too much to the forums yet, but I do expect everyone to get on there. This time, I don't want to hear any excuses. I've decided excuses are for choads. You play a game on the intarwebz, and if you can do that, you can use the same intarwebz to check out what's up with your guild.

Premade day

Eschauta, Mar 16, 09 7:12 PM.
Last Friday, going by what we had so far on the poll results, a number of us got a premade going. Now, I think we also took a break to do WG, but it was mostly BGing.

I gotta say, a great deal of my praise goes to Ferocis and Haylie, both of whom did an awesome job at keeping us alive. Additionally, Ferocis is PvP's answer to an American Express card. Don't join queue without him.

Yes, we had a blast. So from now on, Fridays are premades day. It's not going up on the calendar and there is no attendance policy either. You show up, or you don't. My suggestion is to show up, because it's hella fun.

Making the Gbank work for us!

Eschauta, Mar 11, 09 5:59 PM.
Ok, I've got a post in the Raiding forum I'd like people to see, so please head there. Just keep in mind to keep the gold, meat and herb donations coming, because you'll get paid back when you need it most.

Quick note for the week

Eschauta, Mar 11, 09 4:58 PM.
Grats, to Tabuteau, Zerillis and Orison on hitting 80. Good job guys. In the hopes that they'll be able to contribute their fair share of damage in raids, please try and include them in your Heroics runs, because some of that gear getting DEed may do them some good. Same goes for Killerinstin. They need badges and phat lewtz--GO!

Also, I'm planning on using some of the guild bank funds again for increasing our supply of potions, flasks and buff food. We try to supply them free to our raiders when possible, but let's not go overboard with them, ok? Please remember when grabbing a few that you're not the only one using them. Only take out enough for yourself and one or two people who don't have access to those particular tabs yet.

So far, the PvP night poll results suggests Friday is our day for kicking teeth in. That's good news for Ferocis, because he's been dying for some hawt premade acshun. He's usually free all Friday to do just that. Make him happy and he will heal the hell out of you.

Last night we finally implemented SKG in 25 man Naxx. Aside from a few hiccups while we figured things out, I think it went rather well. I would like to point out that if an item drops and you're halfway down the list and you need it, go ahead and bid. You're not automatically going to lose if you're low on the list. I'd rather see the gear in 25 man not get DEed. We get all our shards for the gbank in 10 man, kthnx.

And finally, I'm posting a new thread in the policies forum. Do me a huge favor and read it.

You should already know this by now.

Eschauta, Mar 9, 09 2:44 PM.
Why should you already know it? Because it's been on the forums for a while. Go to Guild Policies in the Forums.... Now, noobs. SKG is how we're going to determine the 25 man loot from now on, starting Tues Mar 10th.
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Yes. Yes we are, and we like it that way.

  We're a PvP/PvE guild.  What this means, more or less, is that you will need to know, or be willing to learn how to do both competently.

  We may be considered a semi casual guild for more mature players.  Trash talkers and non team players need not apply.

  We are a self-made guild, most of the original members having banded together shortly after the server's initial creation, none of us with end game experience.  We welcome players of all experience/skill levels, provided the less experienced are willing to learn, and the more experienced are willing to teach.

  We also understand that each person plays this game for personal enjoyment, therefore you will never be told to repec/reroll for the good of the guild.  You may be asked to respec if there is a particular role we need filled, but the choice is yours.  We are not paying your monthly fee, so you should play it as you like.  This does not mean that those of us with more experience won't make spot suggestions on playing more effictively, or tightening up your build, but it will only be a suggestion, not an order.

  While we're an exceptionally tight knit guild with deep loyalties, we're not standoffish or exclusionary.  Even our newest members are considered "one of us", unless their actions or behavior run counter to our ideals.

  Please fill out an application if you're interested in joining, and check your site mail occasionally since a response will not be sent in game, it will me sent from here.
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