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Veleros Verdes
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Welcome to Veleros Verdes a society of Spanish merchants in the game Pirates of the
Burning Sea.

The goal of the society is to provide ships, ammunition, etc. to the Spanish Navy and Privateers at the lowest possible prices to assist the war effort.  By running our industries at peak efficiency we will be able to make a modest profit whilst maintaining low prices.


1.      All exchanges of goods between society members will be at the prices listed in the Price List on this website. If you are buying or selling to non-member players or the AH you are free to set any price you want. All purchases and sales must be offered to members before looking outside the society.

2.      The society leader will advise you which ports you should build in, what structures to build and what goods to produce. It is strongly recommended that you take this advice as it will ensure that you are not competing against other society members making the same products. It will also enable the society as a whole to produce all of the goods required by the society and the nation as efficiently as possible and at the lowest possible prices.

3.      Society membership will be restricted to people who normally play during the evening Australian EST. You don’t have to be an Aussie, just play at the same time as Aussies.

4.      Play nice – ganking, gouging, gold farming, purchasing gold, begging, power leveling, foul or abusive language, harassment of any kind are all discouraged and may result in expulsion from the society.

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