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Welcome to Knights of Azeroth

Many are called but few are chosen...

We are a mature casual raiding guild. We have cleared Naxxramas and are moving on to the Eye of Eternity and Uludar.

* Update * First boss in Uludar is down!

Our rules:

  1. Have fun!
  2. Must be mature, not necessarily older
  3. Keep guild chat respectful and clean, but jokes are encouraged and welcomed
  4. No Asking for gold
  5. Don't forget to have fun!

  If you are interested in becoming a Knight of Azeroth submit your request on our application forum following the format provided there and an officer will contact you in game.

Required Raid Mods:

Threat meters -
Diamond Threat Meter or Omen3

Raid boss encounter monitors - Deadly Boss Mod or Big Wigs

Voice chat program - Ventrilo

Talking is not required.  Listening is!  It is important to be able to hear and respond to instructions during raids.  We also use it as a place to hang out and socialize.

KoA progress

Obsidian Sanctum:
On farm status for 10 man

Vault of Archivon:
On farm status for 10 man

Naxxramas (weekly clears - 10 man):

Arachnid quarter
- farm status
Plague quarter - farm status
Military quarter - farm status
Construct quarter - farm status

Frostwyrm Lair
Sapphiron (10 man) - farm status
Kel'Thuzad (10 man) - first kill 4/20/2009

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