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Riders of Vengeance
Ventrilo Change
May 5, 08 12:11 PM
Upcoming events
Mar 16, 08 7:21 PM
APW - Entrance Wing
Feb 19, 08 8:09 AM
Key Raid Follow-Up
Feb 17, 08 1:49 AM
Ventrilo Change
Feb 15, 08 8:46 AM
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Welcome to the  Riders of Vengeance Guild site.
We are a social/ casual raiding guild.  Many members in the guild have expressed an interest in setting up rules for a point system for raids.  The goal of this point system is to reward those members of the guild who put in the time and effort to make the raids a success.  Guild council has received suggestions as to what those rules may be.  We've tried to come up with some rules that willl make it fair for all.  Remember to sign up on the site at least three days prior to the raid.  Sign-up at least three days prior to raid adds 5 points to the total you receive for participating! Here is a list of general raid rules.  It is not our intent to make raiding a complex process only more fair for all those involved.

Tappo, Letulive and Vailara


Ventrilo Change

539428430_Inactive, May 5, 08 12:11 PM.
Woke up this morning to see that our unreliable ventrilo service was again not working, so I've paid for a different service.  If you have been using as your host setting you will merely need to change the port number to 5070.

Also, you may have noticed a ventrilo box to the right on this page, this is a neat little feature provided by the new vent host.  If you click on the host name in the box this should launch ventrilo for you (provided you have it installed)

Now we just need to find a better web host!

Upcoming events

539428430_Inactive, Mar 16, 08 7:21 PM.
Planned events for this week include a key raid on thursday at 8:00 EST, and our regular raid night saturday at 8:00 EST.

Grats to all the folks who are now raid capable!

We are also working on getting people through step 3 of the griffon quest.  At the moment we are getting at least 2 people geared up to spawn the named mobs needed for this quest, so there should be enough room for a bunch of people to get past this step.  If anyone else is working on mummy wraps or pharaoh body parts, let tappo know.

Same goes for Fungal Prince/Queen/King, as we now only have 1 person able to spawn the fungal abomination.

APW - Entrance Wing

ritojo, Feb 19, 08 8:09 AM.

Ok guys (and Vai), it is time to go down into APW. I have setup two raids for this week.

First off we need to kill the Fungal Lord again. I believe we have a couple of guildies that missed the kill last Saturday. We need to get them keyed for this Saturday. Please go sign up for "Key Raid 2". You will recieve 5 raid points for attending this raid.

The second raid I have setup is the Entrance Wing in APW. We are going to attempt to take out the following four bosses.

  • Malfucntioning X77
  • Guardian R5
  • Enraged X83
  • General Vicus

You will recieve 10 raid points attending this raid and an additional 2 points per hour that you stay. You will also recieve points for each boss kill, but we havn't discussed the amount. Please go sign up for "APW - Entrance Wing".

Key Raid Follow-Up

539428430_Inactive, Feb 17, 08 1:49 AM.
After approximately 9 tries and a tremendous amount of frustration, with a little bit of luck and perseverance we killed the wandering fungal lord. (well they killed the lord I kinda watched and helped where I could anyway)

Richard did a tremendous job tanking and the healers were also key.  Vostok deserves special credit for how well he did keeping the mob out of stance.

A special thanks to Reign of Knights for joining us for this raid, and to Bregandeath for advising us on tactics and kiting the mob aroung for the last few moments.

A great effort by all.

Ventrilo Change

539428430_Inactive, Feb 15, 08 8:46 AM.
The IP address of our ventrilo server has been changed temporarily.  All settings remain the same, except the IP of the server which is

From what I understand the settings will go back to normal in about a week, I will notify Everyone then that the IP has again changed.
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