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1st Guild Picture
Jan 5, 08 5:22 PM
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Welcome to the website of the Horde guild, Bãne.

To join, Contact Kiñg, Thibaros, Ligerzero, Narod, or Draconik

~Our goals as a guild~

We at Bane have but a few simple goals. We would like to be able to come to the aid of any character in need of any kind of help. Whether it be an instance, helping someone with a question, or simple helping with a quest, we will be there. Also, being a Horde guild, we understandably wish to lay waste to the Alliance, but for good cause. We do not attack the helpless, in fact, doing so is very frowned upon in the guild. A strong warrior with much experience should not be attacking a new player with no clue.

~How to join~

To join, Contact Kiñg, Thibaros, Ligerzero, Narod, or Draconik ingame, and they will throw you an invite
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1st Guild Picture

539422365_Inactive, Jan 5, 08 5:22 PM.
This was our first guild picture, which we were immediately ganked afterwards, and we didnt have enough people. There will be another one at the meeting january 12thNo alternate text supplied.
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