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Why Sssso SeRiOuS????

Iskendar, Aug 18, 08 5:03 PM.
We'd like to first start off by congratulating our first ever recipient of the Make-A-Wish foundation.   Maybe next time he'll wait to invite others into PT!

Never go "Full" retard..

And also not to discourage our fan(s) once again we bring to you..

Too much gdamn Sea and Jailer of Emo

Not 1..

How many naps does ma-ma-ma-muh-mmama have to take before she wakes up again????

Rings are out, that means I can slash it right guys?...guys?

Not 2..

I bet you all thought I forgot about this one huh!?

Not 3..

Don't look at the sword don't look at the sword don't look at the sword don't look at the...damnit you looked at it!!!

Not 4..

Thats ok Mama, now you can eats all the ice creams you want in Heaven

Not 5...

Shameless Plug...

Ok well yeah maybe 5 Torques..

The Winner of this update's Gear Queer Sweepstakes is..


Tune in next time for more news and entertainment, right about next December or January whenever the hell its updated again!!


Alanio_Ramuh, Aug 6, 08 7:13 PM.

I'll start this update with our best friend, as of late!

King V!

 Ace's Helm - Alanio   Ace's Helm - Endlessxchaos   Ace's Helm - Ephemeral   Ace's Helm - Harb   Heavy Shell - Jakejeckle   Heavy Shell - Kmd


A couple more Khims added to our tally...

No drops, but lots of swapswapswap!

786360 more Fafnirs...

N.Head - Jizzle   N.head - Iskendar   A.Hands - Iskendar   A.Feet - Kerriana   E.Hands - Thegrayfox

(lots more but i don't remember -_-;)

Also... #2?!

Ridill - Ifrit Server

Moar Proto-Omega!

Homam Corazza - Kmd   Homam Gambieras - Thegrayfox   Homam Zucchetto - Absynt

Killed some more Aspidochelone, but only got 2 lousy A.Bodys

A.Body - Harb   A.Body - Selesta

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