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Guild Rules - gamigo LC
Feb 22, 14 10:12 AM
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Guild Rules - gamigo LC

32bits, Feb 22, 14 10:12 AM.
Guild Rules!

1. All RANGERS OF JUSTICE members must be nice, friendly, helpful and loyal to guild and to have respect to other guild members.

Recruiting and kicking

2. New members for joining to guild can be any lvl.
2.1 we can recruit any number of mates.
2.2 We kick  inactive members for some longer time inactive (few months if not nubs).
2.3 Elite mates for longer absence not loosing their Elite status and not close to be kicked or close to that. Get kicked only if really something is bad about them. We are ready to forgiving their mistakes if it's good for all normal and moral people in guild and around.
2.4 Kick of members can be done if: guild member not following guild rules, inactive, no chat, not helping others.
2.5 Before kicking, "1 GM and 1 GA" or "1st GA and 2nd GA" need to agree about kicking some of members! New member can be kicked immediately without discussing if he is "a not so in guild" and "in game story" or gold or items beggar (abusing our guild members kindness and friendship).

Elite mates

3. Elite mates got privileges:

- time before kick
- Full member access to Guild forum
- possibility to loan gold from guild
- participating in guild council discussions in making guild decisions
- discussion of Guild Council (GM + 1 GA + Elite members) if get close to be kicked
- help in playing game
- Guild Titles: Holy Warlord - GM, Prince or Knight - over lvl 100, Princess - over lvl 35 for female members, Soldier - over lvl 35 and under lvl 100!

New members

4. New members got advices of Elite mates and Guild Council (GM and 2 GAs + some of Elite mates), help in playing LC, help in leveling from lvl 35 to lvl 100!
4.1 New member need to  play to some nub lvl alone, to SP farm enough SP, to be able to be power leveled up to lvl 133!

Guild Gold

5. From guild New member can take maximum smaller amount of gold from guildie. Elite mate can loan 50% of gold from guildie or more if both agree.
5.1 Non guild donators can't take loan from guild.
5.2 Donating to guild members gold is based on guild members free will.

Guild wars and enemies

6. For declaring a war to some Terror guild we need Guild Council (GM + 1 GA + Elite members) to agree!

  Gospodja - Guild Advisor, with permission of Guild Master Rosenstein. Need Gulid Master Rosenstein to approve this rules.
Branyslav 2/23/2015 5:43 AM
Happy B-Day Rosen! Wish you all good My Lord! :)))
Rosenstein 12/2/2014 7:01 PM
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