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werewolf lair



Bj-wolf, Feb 5, 08 6:39 AM.
Please wolves...use your in game names if possible, so we know who on earth you are!
If your names already in use on guild portal add "-wolf" to it or some other variation. Just as long as we get your mains name in there somewhere.

Tower Defense

Bj-wolf, Jan 27, 08 9:30 PM.
In the quiet and dark of the Midgard night many Hibbies crept into our lands, and while we were busy elsewhere took down our guild tower and made it their own!
However three wolves were ready to answer the call. Out rushed Orlafson hungry for blood, out rushed Krildor baying for flesh, out rushed Galnog, who though youthful still had the hunger in his eyes. True the Hibs defended as valiantly as their kind can, and even fled to return with more of their kind, but as our well aimed arrows brought down their fey casters they fled to the north realising we would not be beaten, we would never give in, nor rest until what was taken from us was ours once more.
Finally as the sun rose to illuminate the glittering snows of Midgard only Orlafson and Krildor remained in quiet vigil, as rearguard lest the scourge of Hibdom return.
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