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Diablos Azul
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Welcome to our website!

Diablos Azul is a small group of really close friends, both in game and in real life. We enjoy many facits of Warcraft. While most of us have raided, both preTBC and postTBC, we are not a hard core raiding guild. We are very casual guild looking for casual yet dedicated players. Most of our guild has weekends free, so when we have any guild events its usually on the weekends. There are quiet a few of us who are online most every day. We are either doing quests, running instances (both normal and heroic) or leveling alts. We are very close to having a solid Kara team. Most of us have been through Kara. If we can get a complete team we will run Kara whenever its possible for both gear and content.

Thanks for checking us out.

Tyro - DA's Guild Master

Join Us!!!

We have [Delicious Chocolate Cake] AND... We have REAL Chocolate Cake!!!

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Other Guild News

Curator Down!!!

TB_Tyro, Apr 22, 08 6:39 AM.
Diablos Azul took down Curator first shot on our first solo attempt on him.  We then marched towards Aran's room, clearing the way to chess.  Downed the Chess event and went back and made our first solo attempt on Aran.  We got him down to 33% on our first shot, but had to call the raid.  Next weekend Aran is going down!

Congrats to all who got some well deserved and needed upgrades.  Keep up the good work DA, I am very proud of us all!


Diablos Azuls First Solo Attempt in Karazhan!

TB_Charmeine, Apr 15, 08 5:25 AM.
Diablos Azul made our first solo attempt in Karazhan on April 12, 2008!

Attumen DOWN!
Moroes DOWN!

See here for screenshots!

Keep up the good work DA!

Karazhan - January 12, 2008

TB_Charmeine, Jan 12, 08 10:29 PM.
Curator DOWN!
Aran DOWN!

See the News section of the forum for pictures! Or check out the Gallery!

This was a combined effort of Diablos Azul and Fallout!
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