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DKT takes down the frost lord!
Jun 22, 08 6:07 PM
DKT time!
Jun 20, 08 2:56 PM
Thining the guild!
Jun 17, 08 12:39 PM
New council member
Jun 9, 08 9:44 AM
Council switch!
Jun 6, 08 9:04 AM
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Dark Knights Templar Guild site is now ACTIVE!!

Planning on adding tons of information, including roster(players), guild bank information, forum discussions, votes (on events), information sections (like dungeon guides, loot guides, etc.).

Check back frequently to find new stuff!
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Guild saterday runs has been cancled! the council will now spend more time running 60+ dungens in out land to help the higher level players get gear so that we can start a 2nd kara group.

If any one wishes to run low end dungens they can, but its on there time. we will have no more forced days of runs. sorry this has to happen but we need to spend time getting are high level members gear.

Other Guild News

DKT takes down the frost lord!

539430388_Inactive, Jun 22, 08 6:07 PM.
Yes yes we took down the frost lord in slave pens....nice job to mintar kira ebora angle and DJ....this fight is alla bought how long u can last thing we found best was burn the adds as fast as posible and then when boss goes crystal form Dps the hell out of him!
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DKT time!

539430388_Inactive, Jun 20, 08 2:56 PM.
ok i could not live out side the guild ive been appart of for so long. yes we have lost good friends but i still have good friends in there, im back and me as mintar am telling you all i will take no more shit from bs players and the guild drama that took place. my council we be weeding out players that act like ass holes or a rude to them or others. we will start promotions and things, we will try and get players geared for kara and stuff if we can but if u dont like whats happing in the guild then LEAVE and save me the prob of having to kick u!

Thining the guild!

539430388_Inactive, Jun 17, 08 12:39 PM.
yes to let all know the guild has gone through some major drama but me kira dj newfaith and others have heard both sides, and we have all come to say that we will thin the guild. we are going to keep players that want to have fun and play the game. if you start drama in the guild you will be taken out right there and then. if u dont like players you better use the ignore button. if u swear at a council member u will be removed. me and the council are tired of this shit. We have lost some great members to the drama and hope they come back some day to a better DKT.

To all council if u dont not want to deal with the bull shit or be there to help me run guild let me know so we can take you out of council. i know some are tired of it and dont want to deal with it. but thats why i have the council, so if u dont want to deal with it let me know. i will be asking all.

also on other note we will be posting what a council member will have to do so the job is out in the open and all know what needs to be done.

New council member

539430388_Inactive, Jun 9, 08 9:44 AM.
well gratzy ktaid for taking the next seat on council. hope u have a good time with DKT and bring honor to the guild.

We still have 2 open seats if u wish to try for council please apply on forums! thanks.

Council switch!

539430388_Inactive, Jun 6, 08 9:04 AM.
ok for those who do not know foxyjim is strickland. foxyjim has been moved to council rank becouse strickland is on another server with a big time raid guild. hope strickland has some good stories for us.

also on a nother note Rensaku left the council spot then left the guild. sorry he felt that way but the council will find other players to replace the ones we still have open. right now there are 3 seats open, if u think u have what it take please apply on the forums so council can read and make pics of who will make the best council members... long live the DKT.

DKT in kara again :)

539430388_Inactive, May 26, 08 4:11 PM.
well we went into kara again and this time we took down shade and illhoof. thanks for all that came out had fun. we also tested are team with neatherspite 2 times to start to learn the fight. we got him down to 35% no to bad for just starting to do the dragons.

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Kara sunday run!

539430388_Inactive, May 19, 08 9:28 AM.
Well we got into kara again and took down cureatore and did the chess event gratzy to all that got more purple items and Me mintar got my tier 4 gloves. the chess event was fun and have a pic for you all. we did try shade 3 times we got him down to 25% this time and strickland say we are right on par with learning the fight. take abought 1 month to get it all down, so we are getting there. illhoof and prince watch out DKT coming for you!
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New council member!

539430388_Inactive, May 14, 08 11:22 PM.
Gratzy to sheogorath( hope spelled right) :) for taking next council seat bring honor and wisdom and help are guild grow stronger :) to have you with us!

Sunday Kara run!

539430388_Inactive, May 12, 08 11:31 AM.
Well the DKT went into kara agin we downed the first 3 bosses and did the opra event. sorry no pics this time, but i think we all had fun and gratzy to all the got new purple items. we will try and run the rest monday night around 4 in game server time. thanks to all that came out. Mintar Ebora Cypresshill Newfaith Angleofdeath yellomen blackrice Kataid bloddhealer... hope we get more tanks and healers so we can set up a second run group for kara :)...

New council member!

539430388_Inactive, May 5, 08 1:39 PM.
Gratzy to nighthob hes been given a seat on the council. he got a sweeping vote from all council members to take a glade to have you with us nighthob, i hope you bring wisdom and honor to are guild. long live the horde and long live the DKT.

DKT in Kara :) W00T

539430388_Inactive, Apr 28, 08 10:24 AM.
Well the DKT grouped up and took on kara with a vengence today! can we say we did the DKT stomp on 5 bosses in kara. Gratzy to all and had a blast in there. Mintar,nighthob,ebora,newfaith,kira,angle,tort,ktiad,gorak,cypress,Antony,bloodhealer,and a honored member of DKT (stricken) went into kara with vengence we set are first blow to Attunment yes we spanked him this time. That was for the last 3 weeks of him getting us :) gratzy to all

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Next the DKT group went lets take moroes. So this time the DKT went there and crashed the party spanked the guests, Drank all the wine and scarfed down the food and handed moreoes the check and thanked him for the party as we kicked him into the ground.
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Then affter all that we went now comes Maiden of V. affter last week of mintar getting used like a kickball he wanted to spank this big over stuffed golden mass down to the ground. the group gathered up and downed her. Mintar Evil grin over her now :)
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So now the group feeling better with 3 boses down, we went we want a break and we are going to go to the opra. :) ...well we got there and they said the show today is the wizard of Oz, and we are to be in it. so the group went lets be in azeroth broadway. we downed dorthy and her little dog, lol...
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Then affter that we set up to take the cureatore. the one that kept yelling at mintar to quit touching objects in the hall. lol when dose a bull keep his hands to him self. so the group not likeing how cureatore was talking to mintar, went he goes down now. it took us 2 trys but we got him... gratzy to Ebora for getting his tier 4 gloves from him.
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We tried the mage but we ran out of time and dint get the pattern down yet for him. BUT WE WILL :) Muahhhhhhhhhhhhhh kara be ready for DKT we are coming for you :). had lots of fun and hope you all did too. see you all in the game. We are on are way to getting great gear :) thanks for all that came out :). see you next sunday...

2 new things!

539430388_Inactive, Apr 25, 08 12:03 PM.
1 the guild run day has ben switched to saterday becouse we are doing kara every sunday and guild meeting, so this should free up some time.

2 We are going to be welcoming are new brothers and sisters to are guild from Victims of UC elevator. please all welcome are new players and lets all have fun and hope to set up more kara runs and 20 man raids along with normal dungen runs and heroics runs too.

All from Victims of uc elevator Welcome to the DKT hope you have a fun time with us!

Into Kara we go!

539430388_Inactive, Apr 21, 08 9:58 AM.
well sunday was fun i think for all even tho we did get kicked into the ground mintar,ebora,nighthob,tort,newfaith,bloodhealer,bloodlyer,goraK,marlyballs,blackrice,DJ,kira, i think we all had fun. we tryed attunement and i think he dint like us from last sunday, so he beat the hell out of us. so the group tierd of attunment went deeper into kara. we went into the grand ballroom and to the maiden of V. She use mintar(me) as a kick doll and then had fun with the rest of the group. so we went to the theater and was going to give that a shot. but we have to kill moroes first lolrof. so the group decieds well lets try it. on are way there the undead waiters decied we where not welcome to the party and handed me the check and spanked us lol. well i hope no one got to mad for all the dieing but we did get 2 nice purple drops for the locks in are group. i hope that helps them. i hope to see u all again and we will try kara till we get it right.
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Kara last sunday!

539430388_Inactive, Apr 14, 08 10:23 AM.
well we made it into kara again, we got attunment down to 32% affter he mounted the horse. so we are getting better. i think we will get him soon. also if u have not down loaded it please get KTM threat M from curse gamming it dose help. also if any one wants to try Xperl for raids dose work nice. gives you a list of all and what they are targeting and all the extra buffs and de buffs that go on!

thanks again for all the came out sorry dint get a pic will get one next time!

New counciler

539430388_Inactive, Apr 14, 08 10:16 AM.
ok gratzy to Rensako for taking the next council seat. i hope ren brings wisdom with him to help the council move on with honor and wisdom. gratzy again ren :).

also if u still feel you can be council please apply on the forum for all to read thanks and hope to see you all in the game.

New stuff...

539430388_Inactive, Apr 9, 08 11:10 AM.
ok for any that are running kara or running heroics with us in the guild we are going to use KTM threat meater works good and is almost like the old omen :). so down load so you know your agro when in a fight. also for raiding im useing Xperl you can get both down loads at see you all in the game.

New council was picked

539430388_Inactive, Apr 7, 08 9:43 AM.
Gratzy to Mindella for taking the 12th seat on council. i hope the wisdom and honor she brings to the council will help us be a better guild.

also to all member i have open more seats on council to help with players that have not come back yet for personal reasons and they will not lose there seat as long as council knows whats going on. so the council for me will consist of 14 seats and me as the 15th and tie braker if the council is split on a vote.

so if u think you have what it takes please apply on forums under apply for council so me and all the council can read. TY and long live the horde and the DKT :) see you all in the game!

The Guild made it into Kara!

539430388_Inactive, Mar 30, 08 2:30 PM.
Well was fun taking on the horses and we got to attunment but dint down him( WE WILL) :). had alot of fun with you all there. hope to see you all get more gear and we take another run at it :)
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MgT. DKT take on the new dungen

539430388_Inactive, Mar 29, 08 11:18 AM.
Yes...Mintar Cypres Angle Back and Gorak took on the new dungen.
No alternate text supplied.

Oger's cheer the DKT

539430388_Inactive, Mar 24, 08 11:43 AM.
Yes,Yes kira tort mintar blood and cypres helped the ogers and where given a big bash for are help :) was fun!
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