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Recent Promotion
Jan 23, 08 7:37 PM
Site Upgraded
Jan 10, 08 7:29 AM
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What you see before you is a part of what began as a simple Mandalorian role-playing group and later evolved into the guild it is today. Just like many other veteran guilds, the CU and NGE took their toll on our number, which decreased significantly. We lost many vode, but we hung on and rebuilt each time. Shortly after the NGE, I left like so many others had. Unfortunately, there was a bug in our PA system that prevented guild elections from working properly. Without the ability to take over in my absence, the guild was eventually disbanded. Not long after, I returned and gathered to me what few remained of the original guild. After careful planning and preparation, we reformed the guild. We are steadily rebuilding and actively seeking more Mandalorians to bulster our ranks and become one step closer to our ultimate goal: Mandalorian unity. Other players often ask what faction we support. It is important for these players to understand that we are our own faction. Everything we do is for the benefit of our people, whether that means working for the Rebellion or the Empire, or simply remaining neutral. Either way, our true allegiance lies with our vode and always will. We use the factions and their conflict with each other for our benefit. Most of the time, that means mercenary work for us. However, many of us are somewhat sympathetic with the Rebellion's cause, mainly because Mando'yaim (the planet of Mandalore) is suffering under Imperial rule and most of our people there have been made into slaves. As for canon, we follow it as closely as possible. Though it is unclear whether or not a Mand'alor is leading during the SWG time period (Spar, or Alpha-02, is wandering the galaxy aimlessly and Fenn Shysa doesn't claim the title until after Mando'yaim is freed from Imperial oppression), we role-play as if there isn't one. That seems like the best choice of the two, seeing as how Spar is indisposed and Shysa won't claim the title until later in canon history. Though I have been encouraged to do so, I haven't risen to accept the mantle of Mand'alor. I want what is best for the Mandalorians, not personal glory. That is why I think the person who is to be Mand'alor should have majority support on our server. Technically, I have that, but there are still Mandalorians unaccounted for and they deserve a say in who leads us. If you have any questions, please feel free to send me a message here on our site, on the official SWG forums, or in-game.

Deseli Altaris
Alor of Mando'ade (Mando)


Recent Promotion

Deseli, Jan 23, 08 7:37 PM.
Sparaticus has been promoted to Ruus'alor for his dedication and selfless service to the guild. Please congratulate him on this recent and well deserved achievement.

Site Upgraded

Deseli, Jan 10, 08 7:29 AM.
I've just paid Guildportal for our own domain, more customization options, and to make the site ad free. The new domain is, but it won't show up if you add the normal "www" to the beginning, so don't forget to leave that out. If you have any ideas or suggestions for the site or the guild in general, please feel free to post them in the Ideas and Suggestions forum.
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Left to right. Sparaticus, Daheka, Jaduss, Deseli, Mundali, Icav, and Kelrek pose inside the Dark Jedi Order's temple.
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