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Welcome to the Dark Side of the Force

|Darth| was created in the Spring of 2007 by Larzz and was strictly a Day of Defeat: Source clan devoted to having fun.

Darth Larzz and his apprentice Darth Schoeman rose Darth to great heights and in the fall of 2007, Darth Schoeman turned on his Master. With the help of Darth Gomez, Darth Larzz was forced into exile. Darth was split into 2 groups and with Darth Larzz gone, the clan started to fight each other. Chaos was inevitable.

A few months later, Darth Larzz returned with a new apprentice Darth Kara Thrace. They regained control of the clan and forcing the mutineers into exile. With Darth Larzz as the new Dark Lord of the Sith and Darth Kara Thrace as the Sith Master, they became the new Darth Clan.

|Darth| Clan Rules

·    Dark Lord of the Sith, Sith Master and Sith Lord are the Council members. Anything they say goes, all must agree to allow changes to occur (like new ranks, responsibilities, etc.)
·    The council members can challenge each other for the ranks. However, Sith Lord can only challenge Sith Master and Sith Master can challenge Dark Lord of Sith. (#3 vs #2 and #2 vs #1).
·    Sith Warriors are members who master the Support Class.
·    Sith Marauders are members who master the Rifleman Class.
·    Sith Assassins are members who master the Sniper Class.
·    Sith Acolytes are members who master the Assault Class.
·    Sith Spy is the Scrim Manager. Any scrims to be set up, is to be notified through them. They are in charge of also setting up scrims, keeping score, posting on the forums about scrims, etc.
·    Sith Apprentices are recruits who have been Allowed into the Clan but do not get admin unless give some donation to the Clan
·    Donations are welcomed. If no paypal, you can find other methods to pay such as mail a few bucks every so often.(?)
·    Sith Warriors, Marauders, Assassins, Acolytes: they have the responsibility to enforce the servers. Ban someone for hacking when every |Darth| Member says yes they hack. When spec’ing someone, do not make it obvious that you are watching them.
·    Recruitment is until we have 15 members. All members must say yes to a new member. Not majority rules. ALL must say YES.
·    The clan is strictly for fun. It is not CAL unless all decide yes. Mainly to have fun joke around. Swearing is allowed, no barrier jumping, no hacking, no saying nigger, or any other offensive language. Anyone disrespecting the clan, server, admin will be banned.
·    The Three Council Members are in charge of leading the Apprentices. The Apprentices follow the lead of the Council.
·    The Council will debate in the private forum that all Darth Members can see and post ideas. They will be voted upon and uptake conflict issues with members.

Scrim Rules
·    Anyone can arrange a scrim match.
·    Must be 3 days prior to scrim.
·    Must tell the scrim manager immediately.
·    Must post in forums, both enemy clan people and person setting it up.
·    Must tell people when it is agreed.
·    Scrims will be 6 vs 6 or 5 vs 5, Time limit of 30 minutes.


Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

539433317_Inactive, Jan 9, 08 8:52 PM.
|Darth| finally gets a website thanks to =:Rigid:= Pikachu Satan.
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