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Alpha Site
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Welcome to the Alpha Site.

***ATTENTION: We are currently recruiting for experienced players of any games and skills. We will be recruiting people that will help us increase our efforts! Our goals are simple to survive and not just survive but make the enemy wish they never met us on the battlefield!***

    This site is where all of the good races may come together and harmonize.  We will have 3 divisions of this site; political, of course soldiers, and the final will be science and crafting.  They will further be divided into sub groups later to be talked about in the groups discussion.

     We are here to help promote teamwork between the races and jobs.  You are allowed to do your own thing while you are not needed.  If there is a danger or a threat we will have a defense force.  RP is not needed but appreciated.

    What is different about us than most guilds in Stargate?
We will hold elections every 2 months.  In the event of a vacancy or problem an emergency vote can take place.
Once the game starts to be in the site you will not be accepted at first.  You will be a social member.  After 3 days it will come up to a vote on if you are to be initiated.
The 3 branches may do what they will as long as it helps, but the representatives
must meet every week.
We will also always remain in contact with our allies.  Maybe even share a way of communication.  If possible we will discuss with them wide-scale plans as often as can be.
We have a defense force.  That is something I have not heard about in any other guild yet.  The gate will be the most important thing so we will focus alot of our attention to it.
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