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Jan 19, 08 8:53 AM
New features!
Jan 15, 08 2:17 PM
Creation Website goes live!
Jan 10, 08 8:23 AM
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Welcome to Creation, this is where it all begins!

Creation is a Horde guild on the Terenas server. We aim to raid but first we need members so if you've been directed here or if you happened to stumble upon this site, why not join us in our advancement?

Contact Adamius or Éverlien in-game for an invite or apply on our forum.

Important: Once you have created your account be sure to click Characters/Settings from the top of the page to add your characters. This will allow you to sign those characters up for events on the calendar.

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Other Guild News
By 539436073_Inactive, Jan 19, 08 8:53 AM

Éverlien's computer has broken so we wont be online at the same time so often. Also there is a higher chance you'll see more of me during evenings and more of her during the day. If you do need Éve for anything please pass a message on via myself in case she isn't on for a few days =P


New features!
By 539436073_Inactive, Jan 15, 08 2:17 PM

DKP page is now in place, as is the Guild Quest page. Use the navigation bar at the top of the screen to check it out.

If you haven't signed up to the website yet, you should otherwise you will not be able to use some of the features!

Creation Website goes live!
By 539433819_Inactive, Jan 10, 08 8:23 AM

Creation Website goes live 10/01/2008.

Basic website at the moment, new features and re-design from default to follow.

Creation Website address;

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