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Welcome to Fellowship of Honour - a EQII Level 66 Oasis Guild!

We are a growing guild with an open invitation to join us. We have guild members of various levels so we're sure you'll find someone to hang around with. We are casual at the heart but are looking to move forward. Now that we've attained the guild level that we wanted, we will now be concentrating on more group outings and some basic raids.

If you want to give our guild a try, feel free to send an ingame /tell to: Robindahood, Bazebul, Ginoko, Chawk, Shia, Tianee, Mistof or Narie.

We hope you join us.

Thanks again for looking,

FoH Leadership

** Update 6-29-09 **

   Several NEW screenshots have been added to the gallery!  Be sure to check them out!  They are located on the right hand side of the site's home page.  If you have any screenshots you would like to share with everyone please contact Narie either in-game or through the website email system.


** Update 6-25-09 **

   In the left column under the heading "Helpful Information" there is a new topic 'How to use forums'.  If you would like to join in the discussions in the forums and am not sure how to do it.. this may help.  Please check it out and then start posting your ideas!


** Update 6-9-09 **

   NEW screenshots from Shia!  Take a peek in the gallery on the right side of the home page.  I put most photos into one catagory - Awesome Screenshots.  I thought it would be easier.  Please enjoy and if you have any screenshots you would like to contribute, please send them to Narie.  Contact Narie for email address.


** Update 6-8-09 **

   It has been a while, but now your wait is over!  New photos have been added to the gallery!!!  Check them out!! 


** Update 5-5-09 **

   Several new photos have been added!  Check out the gallery on the right hand side of the home page!  New member pics and a new dated album.  Please enjoy and send in screenshots of your own.  Contact Narie for screenshot submissions.


** Update 5-4-09 **

   There is a new Adventure story out - Treasure Hunters - Go check it out!  It is located in the Forums under Adventures.  Please enjoy all the stories written by our guild members and leave comments and suggestions!


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