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Banepaw Fellowship
Guild Meeting Smashing Success!
Jan 11, 08 10:45 PM
Guild Site
Jan 10, 08 10:15 AM
Founding Meeting
Jan 10, 08 9:55 AM
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Welcome to our Guild Page!

The Story So Far...

 When the Tauren still roamed the Barrens, a tribe known as the Banepaw strove to unite their scattered peoples. Steadyfastly loyal to the Earth Mother, and strong in their druidic and shamanistic beliefs, the Banepaw began to make progress in their efforts. For a time, it seemed as if the Tauren might finally cast aside their differences and join together in brotherhood.

 But the Kolkar Centaur realized this threat to their dominion over Mulgore, and massacred the tribe while the hunters and warriors were away.

 Few of the Banepaw Tauren remain alive. But one of the survivors, a hunter named Trehmar, as reawoken the legacy of his lost tribe and created the Banepaw Fellowship, a guild dedicated to uniting the Horde races under the banner of the Warchief Thrall and defeating the Alliance so peace on Kalimdor may resume.

About the Guild

 The Banepaw Fellowship is a medium-heavy RP guild on the Moon Guard server. Though we focus primarily on roleplaying, we strive to reach the same level group so we can level and fight together in the Battlegrounds.

 Because of this, we are trying not to recruit people who are a higher level than 39, for now. Until we have had our fill of the 30-39 bracket in the Battlegrounds, the guild will have a level cap of 39. 

 When we get more members, our guild chat will be IC at all times, taking place in Trehmar's home in Thunder Bluff. We will also have an OOC channel with voice chat available. Until then, guild chat is OOC.

 We don't have a guild vault (since they cost 100g!) so send all item donations (potions, armor, bags, etc) to the character Banebank, our level 1 shaman who hangs out by the bank in TB.  :P

 You can send money donations straight to the guild vault, as that feature is free.

Other Guild News

Guild Meeting Smashing Success!

539434178_Inactive, Jan 11, 08 10:45 PM.
We got a lot in during a short time, had some food (though no one ate as much as I would have liked :( that just means you get leftovers next time!) and got to know one another a little bit. I look forward to our future success as a guild!

Guild Site

539434178_Inactive, Jan 10, 08 10:15 AM.
I'm looking for someone to help make our guild site prettier than it is right now. If you have any experience with this please send me a tell or in-game mail.

- Trehmar

Founding Meeting

539434178_Inactive, Jan 10, 08 9:55 AM.

 Well, my internet just happened to be down on Friday, so I couldn't make it to the meeting. But, Zuri was on and she tells me no one showed up anyway, besides her. So I guess that works out... somehow.

 The 'retry' founding guild meeting will be the same time, Friday at 8:30 PM on the 11th. Same place, Bloodhoof Village.

 If you don't specifically tell me that you won't be able to make it, I will expect you there.

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