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Dragons of the East
Send Pics and Screenshots
Jan 31, 08 10:17 PM
We are up and running.
Jan 31, 08 9:43 PM
There are no allied guilds.

Dragons of the East Guild Rules!!


  • NO foul language or vulgar talk in guild chat.
  • Never leave guildies behind.
  • Don’t beg for money.
  • Guild bank is for guild use not for personal gain like putting in AH.
  • Help guildies when ever possible this goes for all levels not just high levels.
  • Bring any problems to officers (level 60+).
  • NO drama and enjoy yourself and each other this is a family guild with good friends and we will work hard to keep it that way!
  • Go to (for chat) download program 

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Send Pics and Screenshots

pappykozzmo, Jan 31, 08 10:17 PM.
Send any pics of your toons with or without descriptions, as well as any screenshots. They will be posted as soon as we can. Send them to: Dragons Pics

We are up and running.

pappykozzmo, Jan 31, 08 9:43 PM.
Welcome!  As you all know we have a guild bank now.  This bank is for us please use it responsibly.  Please take what u need to level up your profession or build up your gear.  Don't put grey items in bank slots  and don't take what u don't need.  The money in the bank is for the guildies level 30+ to repair gear,  Please make sure you give also when u can.

    We also have a account on gsc, a talk program.  You can find it at  download the program and search for channel dragons of the east.  When u find it the password is dragons.

    Try to level with guildies in and around your level to get the best xp.  The higher levels should help lower levels when they can. This means that 30's help 20's and 40's help 30-20's and so on.  We should work together when we can.  

    As you may know if you have been in the guild for anytime we don't allow cursing and foul langauge please police yourself because this problem if it isn't delt with can cause you to be removed from guild.

    We should use are professions to help our guilds out when ever possible this dosn't mean that anyone owes anybody anything but as a team we work together.
if u do low level gear make some for a low level if someone wants and u don't have mats they should provide mats.  The higher levels should when they can produce for the lower levels in the guild... we can make gear and items for bank as well for those that need items.
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