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Forums : Introductions > Introduction: Crushing Magma
Enfirite (Member) 2/7/2010 4:26 PM EST : Introduction: Crushing Magma

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General Info
Global Name: @Enfirite
Referral: @Elianta/@Dark Quill
General Hours of Play: No specific times usually, as School and work keep me running around, but I'm on usually every day if I can.

Character Info
Character Name: Crushing Magma (Aaron Eziekial)
Archetype: Controller
Origin: Mutant
Primary: Gravity Control
Secondary: Thermal Raidation
Group you are interested in (if any): I have no idea what the teams right now...I'll just look at them
Quick Description (16 words or less Please): Low self confidence, VERY defensive about other telling him to take a break, Shy

Additional Info:  Aaron Eziekal is only sixteen years old, but already he is viewed as an extremley powerful mutant.  One problem, his ability can kill him. Aaron has the ability to control the very gravitational forces of the Earth, he can also control the heat from the Earth's core, and the magma inside it, altering it and healing his friends with it.  The amount of stress is too much for his body when he uses it to often.  Overusage can cause nosebleeds, sending him into a coma, and in extreme cases Aaron might even kill himself. told by the registration center his ability was to risky to actually register, Aaron tried unsuccessfully to join other hero groups when he heard of the Citadel, keeping his non-registry a secreat he attempted to join them through a new identity Crushing Magma.  A shy, and often emotional internal boy he hopes that some group will take him.  With an idealistic view that anyone with abilities should help the world, Crushing Magma would be a good addition to any team.

Well thats about all for now


Dechs Kaison (Member) 2/7/2010 7:11 PM EST : RE: Introduction: Crushing Magma

Dechs Kaison
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Sounds like a very interesting character.  I can't wait to meet him.

Oh, and welcome to the PU.

Dark Quill (SuperAdmin) 2/7/2010 7:36 PM EST : RE: Introduction: Crushing Magma

Dark Quill
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Welcome to the PU, Enfirite!


Madadh (Member) 2/7/2010 10:20 PM EST : RE: Introduction: Crushing Magma
Paragon Pride

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Welcome.  Sorry I had to cut and run, but you got most of the base tour.  It'd be fairly easy IC to say AC had a Vanguard emergency and rush off, or we can pick up where we left off if you like.  Just let me know.

Characters: Pyra Psychic Aruru

nomadder (SuperAdmin) 2/8/2010 1:32 AM EST : RE: Introduction: Crushing Magma
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Hey there!
Hello and welcome!

I hope you like it here and I look forward to meeting Aaron in-game and all the future RP fun to be had!

Welcome aboard.


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