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Character NameSecLvlOriginArchetypeG.Handle
Adaptation Jane47MutantCorruptor@Prof.Renegade 
Adina Lynara     
Agent Emanon     
Agent Joule Unit11Science Blaster@SaraMC 
Agent Pravus     
Amazing Ape     
Animal Spirit     
Anonymous X     
Arctic Shot20Mutant Blaster@kevanick 
Argus Ragwell     
Arrelin Windspire 50Magic Tanker@Twilight Commander 
Aruru25Magic Controller  
Avian Storm24Mutant Defender@santorum 
Cale Langford     
Captain Empulse     
Cosmic Nexus Science Blaster@Gaia1 
Dale Deering37Magic Defender@DangerousToy 
DarkRanger33Natural Blaster@Zethustra 
DJ Castor     
DJ Pollux     
Doc Benit     
Drakkir26Magic Tanker  
Ebon Blayde22Magic Scrapper@phoenicis 
Electric-Knight48Mutant BlasterZethustra 
Ember Pride Magic Scrapper@EmberPride 
Esprit de Lion 50Mutant Blaster@Fractured 
Fire Scyth29Technology Scrapper  
Galaxy Runner50Technology Defender@AgeofMagic 
Gamma-Bomb25Mutant Defender@Doonznasty 
Gold Cop50Technology Defender@Prof.Renegade 
Gravartol50Technology Controller@phoenicis 
Gray Griffon31Magic Tanker@coyotekid 
Iron Colonel33Technology Controller  
Jae Jae     
Jane the Quene25Natural Tanker@J. Tudor 
Joshua Caine34Magic Blaster@coyotekid 
Jude Caine50Science Warshade@Fractured 
Kaguya-Hime Scale     
KarmicAvenger Magic Defender@Cylar 
Khaless Natural Scrapper@Cylar 
Kharysma29Natural Peacebringer@Timelord 
Kharysma29Natural Peacebringer@Timelord 
Le Quebecois     
Light's Grace     
Lunar Eclipse50Technology Blaster@Lunar Eclipse 
Lunar Wrath     
Maelstrom Force5Science Controller@Fractured 
Miss DaMeanor     
Mister Harm     
Mory Eel     
Nicholas Shade     
no-name 5561     
Parker Paragon     
Prof. Paragon     
Prof. Renegade50Science Tanker@Prof.Renegade 
Rotten Luck     
Sgt. Carlin 50Technology Blaster@Carlin 
Shadow Prelate     
Silent Cobra     
Sinner Jack23Magic Scrapper@Grinjack 
Snaerr42Magic BlasterTramontane 
Spark Force25Mutant Blaster@kevanick 
Starslider32Mutant Blaster@Doonznasty 
Tanya deLaurel35Natural Peacebringer@NeutronStar 
Taxibot Amanda     
The Paladin 50Magic ScrapperThePaladin 
Top Dog     
Wheeling Star     
X-13A  Mutant Scrapper  

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Event: Combat Class 7/19/2012 9:00 PM EST

Starting 7/19/2012 9:00 PM EST Import to Outlook/iMail
Ending 7/19/2012 11:00 PM
Host Dirge White
Invited This is a public event.
Attendance Your attendance to this event is rated as semi-important.
Location Starts in Ember Light Camp
Other Details

Wednesdays at 9 pm Next Gen holds a regular combat class for students of the Genesis Academy. The class is mainly for Gen High students but leftover spots on teams can be taken by experienced NG members or combat experienced allies who help in the training exercise. 
Younger heroes in need of training from allied groups can join the class with the prior agreement of both Grim Ichor and Lightnying. 

This event usually contains a mission briefing and 3 to 5 RP missions. Players can drop or join at any time during the event as there is no overreaching story arc to the event. 

Combat class is held by Lightnyng, Grim Ichor or a combat experienced NG member like Asphalt or Tania Dayrunner. If a character from Next Gen or our allies has interest and qualifications to support or run a combat class please contact Grim Ichor to see if we can incorporate it into a special training session. Advisors and guest teachers are a great way to introduce characters to the player base and RP. 

No characters are signed up for this event.

Loot Drops
No drops were entered for this event.
Events on 7/19/2012
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