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Welcome to the Descendants: A Vanguard Roleplaying Guild!

*As you walk along a road in the Village of Three Rivers, you overhear two people speaking.*

"I've heard that the long dead race of the Arcadians are still alive."

"Truly? What makes you think that?"

"I'd overheard a few people talking about themselves, saying that they were the descendants of them. Such an odd thng to claim."

"'Tis just a rumor. I am sure. There has been no trace of them since the cataclysm."

*The first man pauses, and then nods, agreeing with the second man. The conversation quickly changes to something more menial.*


We Are a vanguard Roleplaying guild on the Seradon Server.

Our goal is to gather knowledge, that there may not be another loss of it, should there be another event occur such as the Cataclysm 1000 years prior. Part of this loss could be caused by any Darkness on Telon, which we also keep an eye out for. It is rumored that we exist, but noone truly knows.

We try to be a helpful guild, though we are currently small. Our total frame work is built up around Roleplay, even the manor in which you advance through the ranks is built around Roleplay. We greatly encourage Roleplay among our members! If you are not a Roleplayer, this guild will not be for you.

Our forums here, or, library, have an In character (IC) use. Because we gather knowledge and have nowhere to store it in game, our forums are used as books, tomes, and journals. Any information gathered, should be written down in one of the tomes available in the Library.

If you are interested in us, please speak with one of our leaders: Kye, Kethevin, or Aleesia. (In game there is a list of recruiters on the guild LFM tab)

We do hope that you will enjoy your stay with us!

For information on a deeper level, please read our 'Creed and Charter' section. (Ranks are also described there)


New Creed and Charter Section!

Chancelor Altion, Mar 24, 08 11:41 AM.
I have added a page for the Creed of the Descendants, and also a guild charter for indepth information on the guild, as well as the ranking structure.

Massive Roleplaying Events!

Chancelor Altion, Feb 18, 08 11:31 AM.

Big Roleplay events are coming to the Roleplaying community of Seradon. The first in this event is this:

*As you walk down the streets of Khal, a flier catches your eye. You stop to read it*

The Qalian Mount Show!

The Qalian Mount Show will be coming to the Dark Horse Downs! Bring your horse! Bring your Shadowhound! Even bring the Camel! Show it off or race it around the Downs for a little money! Also, don't forget your coinpurse so you can play games and buy a few goods for your mount! Come one! Come all! Come to the Qalian Mount Show!

A date has not yet been set for this event though.

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