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Welcome to the homepage of The Council of Heroes, disbanded on the afternoon of the 4th June 2005.

All good things must come to an end :)

Members, feel free to leave a last message in the forums, in the goodbye thread.

Stay in touch: /join coh

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Other Guild News


537173450_Inactive, Jun 4, 05 3:36 PM.
The guild disbanded in the afternoon of 4/6/05. A reunion thread is up in the forums guys; why not post your goodbye message :)

For those of you who donated money to us a few months ago for full GuildPortal access - either contact Carlos to get it back, or otherwise I guess it'll be donated to a random charity.


536980216_Inactive, Apr 23, 05 2:12 PM.
There was some talk recently about what it should be used for, so heres what happens.

It all comes to me, Andyroo, where I forward it to whoever needs it according to the arcanite thread.
You may send Arcane Crystals to me also, where I can then send them off to other people to transmute. This is a thing we should be working at  AS A GUILD and so you should remember that others may need to come first.

Please see the thread for more info.

Thanks, Andy

CoH Subscribed to GuildPortal!

537173450_Inactive, Apr 22, 05 1:57 PM.
The confusion of the day revolved around our site suddenly being subscribed to Guildportal.

Carlos' savings were just approaching the necessary $30 when, for no obvious reason, administrators received full access to all features, forum limits were removed, and advertisements disappeared. Presumably somebody chose to pay on their own, yet around 9 hours later, we still have no idea who payed the $30. Whoever helped us out, please tell us so we know who to thank ;)

Thunder Bluff Raid

536980216_Inactive, Apr 22, 05 1:53 PM.
Didnt go too well, although im sure the fact that the server had gone totally PvP mad prolly didnt help. TB is a pain to raid, retreating usually means jumping off, and the room to fight is minimal, as well as civilians being tightly packed and easy to catch in an AoE. Pain in the ass.

Now weve tried all 3, I have to say UC is my choice, easy to raid, Org is too populated, TB is just annoying, so UC will be next weeks raid target.

Thanks all who came, I was veery happy with all CoH members and how much they listened and did well. Nice work all.

Remember you can see pictures of the raid in our image section, if you want to submit some send to Garrett.

Transcript of the guild meeting

Deleted User, Apr 17, 05 4:02 PM.
Missed the guild meeting last saturday? Don't be all bummed out about it, there's a transcript on the forums right here!

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