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Restless Refugees
New Changes
Jun 15, 09 12:42 PM
First boss down in Ulduar!
May 28, 09 4:36 AM
Latest Progression News
May 18, 09 3:12 PM
May Update
May 12, 09 1:06 PM
Week 2 of Raiding for our guild
Apr 27, 09 9:35 AM
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Welcome to our website!  Restless Refugees is a serious raiding guild composed of experienced players who enjoy having fun while helping each other out and raiding together.  Feel free to browse around our website, be sure to visit our "Rules & Regulations" page, and fill out an application for guild membership (located in our public forums section) if you think you would make a good addition to our team.
Other Guild News

New Changes

Shimoq, Jun 15, 09 12:42 PM.
There have been some recent changes.  New additions to our guild, as well as some people who have felt it was time to move on.  We will  keep on striving to build a good solid TEAM here, and as the old saying goes "There is no I in TEAM".  With this in mind you will notice some changes in the raid shcedule.  We must get all of our people geared, as well as focus on ways to maximize our efforts in tanking, healing, & DPS.  There will now be times and days scheduled for 5 man heroics, if you need gear and practice then you should come to these runs.  If you are well geared already, then please take the time to work with people who are not as well geared and try to be part of the solution.  We are only as strong as our weakest member.  So, with that said, let's pull together as a TEAM and continue to progress TOGETHER! 

Do DaT SHeeT!!! 

First boss down in Ulduar!

Shimoq, May 28, 09 4:36 AM.
Great job in there Sunday everyone! One down and a whole mess more to go LOL, but we got to start somewhere right?

Do DaT SHeeT!

Latest Progression News

Shimoq, May 18, 09 3:12 PM.
Excellent work this week guys!!!  Gratz and thanks to everyone who worked hard to make things happen this past week!  We started off by taking Sarth down in OS with one drake left up, gratz to all those who got their "Twilight Assist" achievement.  And moving right along, we took out Malygos in EoE for the first time on Sunday (2 shot w00t), big gratz to all those who got achievements for that one!  Also thanks to the people who went to Kara on Sunday as well to raise money for our guild bank (we made a few hundred gold and had a lot of fun as well).  Last (but certainly not least) big thanks and appreciation to Lightmyflame who donated 1000g to the guild to purchase our 4th bank tab!  Keep up the great teamwork everyone, Do Dat SHeeT!!!

May Update

Shimoq, May 12, 09 1:06 PM.
We have had a great first month as a guild.  We can now say we have naxx on farm.  We have the full clear down to one night.  We are doing attempts with harder raids (for those that are ready for those things).  If you are asking the question "What do Restless Refugees do for a living?", the answer is "We own shit and rent it out to the noobs!".  You will always find us honing our "leet skillz" in preparation for the next adventure.  Keep up the good work everyone, and remember TEAMWORK is what makes this work.

Week 2 of Raiding for our guild

Shimoq, Apr 27, 09 9:35 AM.
Another awesome week of raiding for our guild!  We cleared out some more 10 mans got some more gear for people.  Everyone is doing great!  Keep up the awesome teamwork guys!  The plan is to step it up in the coming weeks, and get some more difficult raid achievements and bosses down.  So let's put our "game faces" on, push our "leet skillz" to even higher limits, and kick some more ass and takes some more names!
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