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Freelance Mercenary Corps
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The Freelance Mercanary Corps, established in 26 BBY. Starting with 24 members, the FMC increased in size by over 500% the first 3 years. Up until the Clone Wars, the FMC was regulary hired by the Republic. However, when the war began they switched sides and started to work for the CIS. Not because they supported their cause, but because the pay was better. After the war the FMC had lost 3/4 of their men. But the few that survived got their pay and decided to retire from the frontline for several years.

2 years before the Deathstar wars destroyed the FMC was re-established. Again, it quickly increased inside. Their first jobs were for several crime-lords in the Outer Rim. The Corps was yet again becoming wealthy, but this was soon about to change. They were sent to Alderaan to "collect" several valuable pieces of art, shortly after they arrived at the planet it was destroyed by the Empire. The FMC lost 30 of their best men on that planet, but there were still a few of them left.

The Freelance Mercenary Corps have now stopped their assignments and placed their fous on recruiting new members. Lieutenant Acero has been given the task to recruit and train willing men and women for the FMC while the others are looking for a suitable planet to build a base of operations.
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