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Have a question and not sure who to contact?  The guild's leaders and officers are always willing to help:

Zafte - GM
Draelandria - Asst. GM
Crommie - Officer
Evelone - Officer
Ilan - Officer
Kletusheals - Officer
Pitch - Officer
Querlieque - Officer
Treemendous - Officer

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While not a mod, we also require our users to use mumble, and have installed and ready to use prior to raid.  If you're having trouble setting it up, ask an officer or other member.

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Welcome to the Guardians of Virtue website!

Guardians of Virtue is a horde guild located on the Durotan server.  The guild started in September 2007 and has been going strong since.   Raiding is very casual with GoV, we don't require our members to raid in order to join.  Our priority in the game is simply to have fun and enjoy the game.  We are a very close, tight knit group of people who laugh in the face of a wipe, rather than place blame or talk down to another member; definitely a lot of love in this guild.

On the website you will find anything from guild announcements and successes, to random craziness.  Please enjoy the website as a good source of information about the guild, and a place to hang out and chat outside the game.  We also have a guild Facebook! 
Members, if you haven't done so already, please register so that you can have access to the forums and other parts of that site that are available. To register to our site, click the "Join Guardians of Virtue" link at the top of our page.

To those of you that wish to become a member of GoV make a post under "Joining Guardians of Virtue" in the forums, or contact Zafte in game through message or tell.

Raiding rules can be found in the Raid Info section on the left of the page.  Also, if you are a member and are interested in raiding, please post the days you are available under Raider's Availability, also in the Raid Info Section.

- Zafte (Guild Master)
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Draelandria, Sep 3, 10 2:47 AM.
Sindy Bit the dust! Good job Guardians...Now to Take out THE LICH KING!


Let's put an end to his reign! GO GOV!


Shrapnell, Mar 27, 10 4:10 PM.
Hey Guys and Gals! Sorry it has taken so long to upload our most recent kills, but here they are! Without Further Ado...





CONGRATS GOV!  I will upload the images of Marrowgar and Deathwhisper when I find them. o.O


Shrapnell, Dec 4, 09 1:12 AM.

Congrats To You All GOV! A Special Thanks For All Your Hard Work And Dedication! BRING ON ICECROWN!


Bakaboi37, Sep 28, 09 12:02 AM.

September 27...did you know that on this day in history:

1821 - Mexico gains independence from Spain.
1908 -  The First production of the Ford Model T built in Detroit, Michigan.
1954 - The "Tonight" show debuted on NBC-TV.
1989 - The first two people to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel and live to tell about it, did so this day.
1998 - Google was launched.

Notable figures born this day:
1722 - Samuel Adams
1947 - Meat Loaf (Michael Lee Aday)
2007 - Guardians of Virtue
To old members, new members, young and those who have been there since the beginning and those who have been here for 1 week...thank you for being part of something great. 

Happy birthday you crazy Guardians!

And may this never happen to you...

Message from Zafte to the members of GoV

Zafte, Aug 27, 09 6:06 AM.
We are quickly approaching our two year anniversary as a guild, and my what a wonderful trip it has been.  

Guardians of Virtue started out very small, with a few members that decided the Alliance wasn't where they wanted their gaming road to lead.  Our founding members (and current officers), myself, Energon, Querlieque, and Kletusheals decided that we wanted to create a stress free guild where everyone could enjoy the game as what it was, a game.  We wanted to create an unbiased, fair gaming experience to all members and future members of GoV.  A place where people could enjoy just hanging out with friends, with no worry about getting your head bitten off for accidentally standing in the fire one second too long.  A guild where real life always takes priority, and the game is simply something to enjoy in our spare time.  And ultimately a place where everyone can get what they want out of the game, whether it simply be leveling or picking flowers, all the way to experiencing end game content.

To make our vision a reality, we declared ourselves a casual guild that happens to raid on the side just because that is a fun part of the game.  We never make anyone raid that doesn't want to, but we provide the opportunity for those that do.  For us raiding is more about the experience, the accomplishment of taking down a new boss together, and enjoying the company of our fellow guild members; our friends.  Loot and gear have never been a priority or an issue to cause any type of problem.  Everyone in this guild is selfless, and would rather give the piece to another guildie before taking it for themselves, and this has been proven time and time again.  It really makes me happy to see the closeness the people in this guild has.  In my opinion we are truly one of a kind, having all the most wonderful people on the server with us.

Now, almost two years have passed, and we have grown from four members to a grand total of 119 individual people residing in this guild.  Something that I thought impossible during our 5 man heroic days in the middle of BC when we began.  I would like to thank you all for being a part of this wonderful trip and experience.  Congrats GoV, two years and still going as strong as ever!

Now it's time for me to be getting down to some business.  Like I've said, we've grown, a LOT.  With our growth comes new challenges to face and new questions to answer.  This is where you guys come in.  This guild is by no means a dictatorship, we are a community, composed of people from all over the world.  We've got people in this guild that have been here for pushing two years, and others that have been with us a day; but I need the help of all active members of this guild.

It is very important that we maintain that GoV be a very casual guild, that's how it's been since before its creation, and that's how it's going to remain.  However, one of the biggest things we do together as a guild, is raid.  Raiding is something that is a lot of fun, that most of us enjoy doing together.  It's a great way for many of us to get together and enjoy ourselves, the company of others, and kill a few bad guys along the way.  Now, as many of you have noticed, we have a tendency to have more people sign up for the raids than there are available spots.  As a result, our raids have a major delay in the intended start time (and with work schedules and such, we can't afford the time), not to mention feelings can be hurt due to people having to sit out for one reason or another.  Ideally, I'd like to start two individual raid groups, that way nobody gets left out, I hate asking anyone to sit out of a raid.  Who wants to miss out on the fun and mayhem that ensues??  In order for this to work, however, I really need some help.  I have a thread on the forums (which I will be bumping) that has a spreadsheet listing everyone's available days and times to raid.  But upon looking at it, you will see that the list is very incomplete.  I really need everyone to post their available days and times to raid, so that I may be better able to schedule in the future.  Also, please let me know too if your schedule has changed.  It's very important to me to include as many people as I can.

My plan is to continue posting raids a week in advance, and I usually will post them on raiding days so that most of our raiders can see the posting, and sign up early.  I'd like to have the finalized groups posted and ready the day before the first raid of the week (so please sign up for all the days you can make).  I will change raid sign up status to confirmed if I have chosen you to go that particular day, and standby in the case that one of the confirmed cannot make it (standbys will usually be those chosen for the second day).  Now, even if you aren't sure you are going to be able to make raid a particular week, still sign up, then let me know.  Worst case senario, we bring in a person from day two, and just make day two a progression of day one's raid.  But it will still give everyone the opportunity to raid at least one day that week.

That said, I'm now going to go beyond just raiding and discuss with you about the future of this guild, and another area in which I really need your help.  Like I said, this is a community, and as such I really need feedback, suggestions, and comments from you all.  I really want to make this guild into what everyone wants it to be, but I cannot possibly read the mind of one person, let alone over a hundred.  If you have an idea, lay it on me!  If you have a problem let me know and I'll do my best to sort it out.  Suggestions and comments?  Let me know!!  I need to know what you guys are thinking.  In order for this guild to change and get better, I need the help of each and every one of you.  If I'm not online, send me a message in game, or an e-mail:  I'd love to hear more about what you guys are thinking and feeling.

Now I would like to direct all members to our raiding rules thread (also bumped).  I'm going to have to now make it a requirement that everyone has signed up on the website, read the raiding rules, and signed underneath in a comment that they have read and understood the rules in order to raid.  This is so that everyone is aware on how we run our raid and there is no confusion or questions during the raid.

Finally, I would like to thank you all for your membership in GoV, and for helping to shape it into what it has become today.  You are all wonderful people, and I cherish the friendships that have been created over the past two years.

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