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I can't even kill a bunny

- Brennessil, most days
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Welcome to the Death by Fire Website!

Death by Fire is an Alliance guild, on Shadow Council. We are focused on questing, PvP battlegrounds, growing, and raiding together.

Death by Fire is about respect, teamwork, and fun. We are a bunch of folks that like to play with friends, make new friends, have fun, and laugh.

Good people, good times, and a good team.

If you are interested in joining the guild, leave a post in the recruiting forum or contact a guild member online.
Other Guild News

Missed by that much

Benthas13, Apr 15, 09 10:53 AM.

For today I have a story which not only caused some laughter when it happened late one night but also cause a former guild member to get picked on for quite a while. I believe this happened before we started handing out guild awards but it certainly deserved one.

As I recall this happened on an early guild run into UBRS. He we are, 10 strong, level 58-60, going into what was a very tough instance in it’s day. We were still not very geared for this place and even though we were starting to have some success in at least reaching the final boss, we didn’t always have luck taking him down. There were always plenty of wipes due to poor planning, bad pulls, Numal playing peek-a-boo, etc.. These runs also had a tendency to go on for 4-6 hours.

As back at this time we had a number of paladins on these runs one talent that got used a lot was the Divine Intervention. For those that might not know this talent, a paladin could put another person in a 3 minute protective bubble that would basically cause this person to be invisible to any mobs that were in the area but by casting this the paladin would die. It also had a very long cool down so the idea was that if the group was about to wipe a paladin would cast this on someone who could resurrect the other party members once the mobs all went away. This was also important as on these long runs, once you were 3, 4, 5 hours in all the mobs you killed earlier were respawning behind you so if the party wiped you would have to basically redo the instance to get back to where you were.

Now this one night we were near the end of the instance getting ready for what we knew was a tough pull. We had at least 4 paladins in the group so Ario asked who hadn’t used their D.I. yet and Arthrin (one of our former members) said that his cool down was up so it was his job to cast it on someone if things went badly. And of course things went badly. Ario pulls, not only does this group of mob come but the one next to them also. Guildies start dropping like flies. Escander, our priest, goes down. Ario says cast D.I. on Numal as I was standing back in a support healing role. Arthrin says casting D.I. on Numal. A mob comes over and hits me and kills me. What’s going on? With D.I. being cast on me I can’t be hit. All of a sudden we hear Arthrin say, oops, I targeted the wrong person. Ario asks who did you D.I.. And back comes the answer, Ollie.

Much laughter ensues and Arthrin is given a hard time for many runs after this. So in the words of the immortal Maxwell Smart, he just missed by   that   much.

Get to Know Your Guidlies - TINK

tinkalicious, Apr 11, 09 12:23 PM.
Weird name for a dude, I know, but let me explain the story behind that name. At one point the guild needed a viable Tank so I decided to make a Protection Warrior and as a joke made it a female gnome.  Since there was a place called Tinkertown in Ironforge I thought the name "Tink" would be a funny name.  Since I was planning on killing tons of stuff and letting things beat on me what better idea than to name her TINKERHELL.

Ofcourse everyone on the server thought that was a great name.  However, Blizzard decided that my name was not cool and that in light of the fact that it had the name HELL in it that it was not RP or correct for the game.  A quick search found 150 other Tinkerhells on various realms and there was even a zone called HELLFIRE... however, the GM was not impressed by facts and moved forward with their scathign punishment. In a classic "Screw You" atmosphere I needed to create a new name.... VOILA.... "Tinkalicious"... totally non RP or correct for the realm and that was the total point behind it.

So today you know me as TINK.

In RL I live in Tampa, Florida.  I work in Logistics/Distribution and run a division for a logistics services firm. 

This is where the currect story ends for now. I am working on additional chapters of this story and so far I plan on writing about the following:

1.  Zul'Farak - HOLY CRAP, that is a shitload of mob down there
3.  UBRS - Buttcheese against the wall please
4.  UBRS - The perfect Pull
5.  UBRS - Who's DOOMED??  Were all Doomed... now who is getting booted
6.  BRD - OMG, I have to go back for the 7th time
7.  STRAT - the 45 Minute Baron Run
8.  Scholo - Anyone need an Ancient Bone Bow?
9.  Scholo - If my hat does not drop I am quitting this F ing game
10. Cracklabs - <<<<< the instance name says it all
11. SM Cathedral - WE GOT RESPAWNS!!!!

there will also be some other stories about non instance items such as:

13.  Eye of Killrog... Nice wipe Nal
14.  1,200 Honor Kills in one Alterac Valley

And much much more.

Get to know your Guildies... Missliss

Benthas13, Apr 11, 09 8:45 AM.
 I joined the Fire brigade at the end of it's time. I got invited by Cody. When everyone left, I joined Blasen and Kall in the sylvan blades, and it just wasn't the same as the "friendly atmosphere" I felt with the fire, so I was alone for a little bit :(. Then I heard the peeps from TFB made DBF so I joined back up and have been with them ever since.
  I have 2 toons in the guild, Missliss, 70 pally, and Mississa, 50 shaman. The names are taken from my real life first name, yes, I'm VERY creative :)
  I'm the one in the runs, who sometimes, doesn't listen...heehee! Should I listen, probably, but when it comes to killing stuff, I have no self control, I just get into a zone, haha. Cody has on occasion called me crazy. I choose to take that as a compliment.
   My pallys profs are blacksmithing and mining, shamans are enchanting and jewelcrafting. If you need something, just ask, I'm more than happy to help.

There's no place like Gnomer

Benthas13, Apr 6, 09 3:39 PM.

Now for a little story about why Gnomer is a bad word for some of us in the guild. 

This happened to be the first instance that the members of the newly formed Fire Brigade guild decided to run. This brilliant idea came up one evening within days of the guild forming. So needless to say, none of us had ever done anything like this as a group. Back then there wasn’t even TeamSpeak or Ventrilo, and yes, we did have to walk two miles uphill in the snow to get there. The group was Ariovistus, Naljean, Numal, Codymarie, and Escander. It was quite the group. A night elf priest,a night elf hunter, three dwarf paladins, and of course Ollie.

We now go charging in full of confidence because there are 5 of us, we have a few of us that can heal, and things at this level should die quickly. We go charging in full bore and all of a sudden realize that mobs aren’t dying all that quickly. Hey wait a minute, they are elites and they don’t pull one at a time. All of a sudden after 10 minutes in the instance and a couple of wipes we decide we might need to think this out. We start to slow down a bit and start to try to get some strategy on how to pull something. It is about this time that Cody goes the wrong way and falls down into a lower area of Gnomer. Of course she has no idea where she is and there are mobs everyplace and we have no idea how to get to where she is. Needless to say, she dies once again as do the rest of us rushing to try to get to her. Well now we have more than an hour in this instance, many wipes, no drops, and no quests completed. And people think that this is fun?

Even back in the beginning we were a stubborn bunch so we pressed on. This now went on for a couple more hours, many more wipes, and our first quest completed. And being very stubborn we press on. Now years later the rest of the night is a blur. We never did get to the final boss. Naljean swears that she is never going in Gnomer again. And Codymarie ends up in tears and swears that she will NEVER go in another instance again. 

Over the years we did manage to get the final boss, Nal did go back into Gnomer but still hated it, And Codymarie did get over her hatred of instances and most of the time actually enjoys them now.

Get to know your Guildies... Codymarie

Benthas13, Apr 3, 09 1:25 PM.

Okay, so I am the typical Night Elf hunter chick with a cat for a pet :-P (at least I really am a girl) and yes, this was my very first character, and Oliver was my very first pet, who I found in the forests of Teldrassil. I’ve had plenty of other pets along the way, but Oliver is my loyal companion. He has a long history within the guild and has been known to get in a bit of trouble every now and then J

Yes, Ben is responsible for getting me hooked on this game, but he left out the fact that at first he had to sit beside me and I would make him take over when stuff was attacking me because I would panic. And the first instance I ever ran was Gnomer with Ario, Nal, Numal and Escander. I think I fell off a cliff at one point, it took us hours and I ended up actually crying and told Ben, “I will NEVER go in another instance!". LOL, guess I got over it.

My name comes from a cat I had in RL years ago. His name was Cody (named after Cody, Wyoming, as I had recently traveled through there) and after he was neutered, his middle name became Marie J

I’m level 80 now with all my professions maxed. (maybe not alchemy, but it’s close) I enjoy the professions a lot, and I do herbalism, alchemy (transmute specialty), cooking, fishing, and first aid. I would recommend cooking , fishing and first aid to anyone starting out – it’s a lot of work (lot less than it used to be) but it really pays off in the end.

My mage Frostcicles (Codysamage, but Blizz made me change my name) is level 74, and is a tailor and  flower picker. 

Get to know your Guildies... Benthas

Benthas13, Mar 28, 09 12:48 PM.

Benthas (Numal, Numalator, Badben, Benthere, plus a few others not yet part of the guild). Mac geek during the day, holy priest extraordinaire during the night (all of this is in my own mind by the way) . I am also He who the /roll gods hate. Began the game as Numal, a holy paladin, back in the summer of 2005. By the way, the name Numal has no meaning other than being a name I came up with way, way back in my D&D days back in the 70’s (yes, I am that old although I don’t act it most of the time, just ask Cody about that). All the Ben names though are taken from my last name and is a name that is used at my job.

I live with Codymarie in real life out in the middle of nowhere in western Massachusetts with an assortment of cats, one who is actually named Ollie. I am also resposible for getting Cody addicted to the game by sitting her down in front of it. I am a founding member of The Fire Brigade which eventually became Death By Fire. Once Numal reached level 60 Benthas was created because the guild had no full time healer as Escander, our original healer, was moving on to other things. To this day Numal is still sitting at level 60 someplace in Hellfire Peninsula. 

In my real life I work for Arthurdunn and work with Ormagar and Tijah. If guildies are going to end up in the Boston area let me and Cody know and maybe we can arrange for a meet up.

While work and the game (and the cats) seem to take up most of my time, I am also a sci-fi geek (as if that is a surprise), There are a few other talents that I have but I think those will be saved for another time.

In the beginning...

Benthas13, Mar 26, 09 2:42 PM.

All of this started when Naljean, Ariovistus (Tink), Numal (Benthas), Codymarie met up while hunting dwarves in the wetlands. We hit it off pretty quickly and Nal invited us to the guild they were in. The next night Nal whispers me and asked if Cody and I would like to start own guild. Sure, why not.  Cody and I had only been in their guild for 1 day at this point so we didn’t even know anybody else. The 4 of us plus Escander, Aurne, and Stavor (Mathom) got together to sign the charter and so The Fire Brigade was born which eventually led to the formation of Death By Fire, but that is another story for another day.

I am hoping that there will be regular postings on the site of stories that tell the tales of The Fire Brigade and Death By Fire. I already have a list of little stories that I would like to tell that bring back many fond memories of the friends that I have made within the game and the fun (and laughs) that we have had exploring and experiencing this crazy game. I would ask for other guild members to tell their own stories of their fond memories within the game. My email address is in my guild note. Please send them along to me and I will add them to the website.


First guild clear of Naxx wing

Benthas13, Mar 25, 09 11:11 AM.
Last night eight guildies plus two part time guildies cleared the Arachnid wing of Naxx. This is the first wing that the guild has been able to clear in there. We did manage to down one additional boss in the Plague wing but ran into a bit of trouble with the second boss in there. The only bad news from the run was that out of the eight epic drops none were an upgrade for any of the raid members. Hopefully we will be back in again this week to pick up from where we left off. Grats to all those that participated.
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