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We have now completed the merger with Brothers Without Borders, Thanks to Drakkar and everyone for making us feel welcome.

This website is no longer in use, please register at, message me in game if you have trouble registering.

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Why signing up is important

539454614_Inactive, Apr 7, 08 2:25 PM.
As I write this we're one day away from our next Kara attempt, but so far Turoc and I are the only ones who have signed up.

Most of you are aware that I have a thing about signing up, but it occurs to me that I may not have made myself clear on why this is important.

We are a casual guild. That means that our members have real lives and limited times at which they can attend guild events. In order to avoid wasting our limited playing time with a lot of standing around waiting for people to get on, events need to be pre-arranged.

For larger events, I need some degree of confidence that we have enough players. This is particularly important right now when we are reliant on friends from outside the guild to fill our open raid spots. I am only willing to mess with non-guild peoples schedules if I have some assurance that the event will actually happen.

So for this week, let's see what happens. From next week, I'm afraid that if I do not have 6 or more people signed up, I will cancel the event.

If those are not good enough reasons for you, then please just do it as a favor to me. I'm busting my ass trying to get the guild progressing in Kara, please do this one thing for me.



New Forum added - Instance Reports

539454614_Inactive, Jan 21, 08 2:34 PM.
I've added a new forum - Instance Reports. Let others benefit from your experiences in-instance. Let lesser mortals gaze in wonder and awe at your incredible abilities. Bring joy to your guildmates as they rofl at your wipes.

I've started you off with a short report on the all-guild Mana Tombs run last night.

Everyone please contribute!


Problems registering or logging in?

539454614_Inactive, Jan 19, 08 5:09 PM.
I've put a short guide to the registration and log-in process in the information section. This should resolve most common problems, but feel free to contact me in-game if you can't get it to work.

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