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Welcome to Crusaders of Virtue!

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or create one here:  Create A Guildportal ID
Then, CLICK HERE for access to the private forums. Depending on who you are and your affiliation with Crusaders of Virtue, you will be granted access to various sections of this site. Please enjoy your visit and be sure to stop by often.

You MUST be logged in with your guildportal registration and be a member of Crusaders of Virtue or one of it's affiliates in order to view the member forums area.

This guild is a member of Wild Bors Alliance.  We're a fun, "family" oriented guild with lots of caring, showing friendship and mutual respect for all. PVE, RVR, Arti or ML Raids...we do a bit of it all helping each other in the realm of Midgard!


DAOC Character Builder Program
Complete with info for the Mauler class.  Includes Realm Ranks and abilities, CL's, ML's, Styles, Spells, Skills, Stats and Subclassing information for all classes.  German & English version in the program. For English just click on the little button that says EN at the top of the program after you have installed it  =)

Creator's Website:



Looking Glass UI Version 1.98

Now included is the Market Explorer updates.  Please reinstall this UI so you can have full functionality.  Tons of healers helpers, tabbed command windows, semi-transparent windows, Valmerwolf's new 256x512 map packs are already installed into it so you get the mini maps when you click on area or follow and you get the big maps when you click on overview. Labyrinth Obelisk key is under the realm tab for ease of identifying obelisk's.  NEW Valmerwolf Maps installed, changed text selection color to a gold color instead of white for easier reading. Icon set is partially old icons, partially new ones (still have the beauty of the new armor icons but the funcionality of the old icons for spells).  This release contains added Armor resist tables, more Realm Rank information, Titles information, Battleground information.  Fixed previous Target bug on the Summary, New Seige windows, and woooot you can see who's buffed too!  =)

Download Link:

locate to you your  C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Labyrinth\ui   folder (or your C:\Mythic\Darkness\ui   or   Labyrinth\ui)  and delete the custom folder you have that is located in there if there is one there.  

This is already a custom folder so just Unzip or Extract the files in this .zip file to C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Labyrinth\ui
(or your C:\Mythic\Darkness\ui   or   Labyrinth\ui)

Then you will need to log into the game, go to the character selection page and click options. There, change the skin option to Custom Skin, click accept and log in  =)

"POOF"  Enjoy!


Top 10 Individuals Gaining Realm Points Last Week

Keldana, Jan 20, 08 11:49 AM.

April 7 - April 13, 2008
Total Guild Realm Points:  7,267,715
GRP gained in the last 7 days:  1,471,336

Top 10 Realm Points Gained Last Week
*updated on Sundays from the
Crusaders of Virtue Camelot Herald

Illilllill Illilllill 50th level Hunter 297,001
Dragonoxx 50th level Hunter 178,883
Tracid Kai 50th level Shadowblade 148,492
Mysticphoenix 50th level Huntress 126,551
Hermiod 50th level Hunter 87,682
Greystaff Sniper 50th level Hunter 73,287
Robinoflocksley SnipeToWin 50th level Hunter 69,658
Gullum Callamus 50th level Hunter 56,019
Franklinette 50th level Warrior 40,737
Ingoris 50th level Warlock 35,477

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Keldana, Jan 19, 08 5:18 AM.
Crusaders of Virtue now has it's own guild website!!  You can reach it by typing in the following in your browser address bar:    Please NOTE:  There is NO www. in the url
There are no upcoming events.
There are no allied guilds.
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