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New Site
Mar 9, 08 1:09 PM
Calendar events
Mar 4, 08 1:38 PM
Feb 17, 08 12:53 AM
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Welcome to the Defenders of the Fellowship!

Thank you for visiting us. We are a light to no RP kinship on the Landroval server of the Lord of the Rings Online game. We are a light-hearted kinship with the whole spectrum of levels, classes and races.

The kinship was founded on August 20th, 2007.  We are currently a rank 8 kinship and have over 80 member with over 100 characters total. We have many friends in different Kinships, some we even have alliances with, so our support net is quite vast.  We also have GM's in every crafting vocation.

We are constantly welcoming new people to join us, so if you are interested, feel free to send us a tell in-game or an e-mail to one of our members!

Hope to see you in-game and safe travels to you!

New Site

539457047_Inactive, Mar 9, 08 1:09 PM.
    Hey everyone I dont know how manny ppl know but we are in the prosses of making a new webpage for dotf,  one that can have the domain that we wanted.  If you want to check it out or register now you can @  If you have any comments please let out friend Fored know as he is the one creating the site.  
    We will still be using this one till the other one is 100% done.

Calendar events

539457047_Inactive, Mar 4, 08 1:38 PM.
I have started to post events on the calendar so if you want to join them please go to the calendar tab and sign up the charater you are going to bring.  I also put raid points to some of them and you will spend them to get item from the kinship or drops in the raids.


539457368_Inactive, Feb 17, 08 12:53 AM.
Hey everyone, just to let you all know, please associate your characters with the Kinship so as we can see who we're granting access to, since many of you don't have your character names as your user names. If you all could do this, I'd greatly appreciate it and will promote you to member status asap. Thanks and safe travels!

         Erin of Rohan, co-founder______
Erinydd - 50 Man Guardian
Erindere - 50 Man Minstrel
"Have fun Storming the Castle!!"


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