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Play Fair, Be nice, No Cussing in Guild Chat, No Begging - this means u :P

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Helping ourselves and others.

 Lower lvls should feel free to ask questions in gchat but do realize 80's are busy, there is more to do at 80 and more to organize and more responsibilities to other players - lower lvls u are not second class guildies, but u also dont need a lvl 80 toon to get groups with each other and make time to play together.

Please use the following guide lines below for general instance questions, please goto the forums for discussions.

Level 30 and below instances, ask a lvl 40-50 for groups if you can't find one or get together with other guildies.

ZF - you may ask higher lvls if u cant find a group

ST - ask other classes, pref lvl 55 range, if not then ask a higher lvl officer for help, this is a instance required by all classes  for a class quest, so bets to learn to work as a group ur own lvl here

Naxx/Uldar - ask an officer, let officers know ur ready also realize naxx/uldar is when people first have to start scheduling and being reliable, other guilds require things like ventrilo for voice communication and omen for threat management, etc these programs and modifications to wow, are encouraged if you want to do higher lvl raids and instances and required by some groups.

Heroics - u need to be mostly epic, at least full blues like naxx/uldar and pref a little better, most heroics are actually harder then naxx/uldar and drop comparable gear, heroics are a good place to get epic gems, conquest, and triumph emblems. Which conquest and triumph emblems you can change into Valor, then Heriosm emblems at Dalaran.

Raid instances lvl 58-79 ask a guild coordinator and schedule a time u will be there, these also happen regularly but randomly since they require so many people, we do alot of them but not as a guild , so if u want to go best bet is come when an officer says raid on such and such an instance.

Raid instances lvl 80 if ur a lvl 80 and you have done heroics and know what your doing, then you can start organizing raids for places you want to go or talk to a guild coordinator. We will be getting groups going for certain places, in the mean time those of you after certain drops who will be going often should consider running an event

Kara no longer requires atunement nor do higher lvl raids such as ssc and bt, old kara guide lines are below for people wanting to get keyed -  [Kara keying events check calendar and sign up , 5 Sign-ups per date. All 4 instances, You must get the chain from in front of kara, do all quests till u are told to get the first key frag in shattrath before u can go on the kara keying event, u must also do Old Hilsbrad. They Run will consist of Shadow Labs (slabs), Steam Vaults (frag only) Arcatraz (frag only), Black Morass.]

Arcatraz keying events ask for a regular lvl 70 group to do mechanaar and arcatraz (officers only)

Daily quests for gold at lvl 80 ask a lvl 80 officer to get u started.

Hyjal BT no longer need atunement. BT atunement you can start the chains in smv, at either the aldor or scryer fp's there in smv, dependign on what faction you have chose.

Cataclysm: More updates will be available when more info is available. Also, the new expansion will now include Guild Achievements, More class options for all races, New professions, and more.

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