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Spear of shadows
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Jan 20, 08 5:00 PM
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Welcome to "Spear of shadows" a newlly formed PVE guild. Founder by "Ankhesanemun - Cariad - Messeh - Gemma"

We origionally started of as a PVP guild then well with the leachers etc thought hey what the heck we will go with the other flow and go raid some arse =p
As me and alot of friends found that more people were turning to PVP as it easier to get into a good friendly guild and get better gear than from farming HC for 2 years and then to be told your gear sucks more than a chickens arse. So some came to a couple of conclusions. We have seen rediculous requirements for low end raids like kara......... lets upset the balance :o)

So here we are a small group at the moment, wanting to invite a fun crowd of people who want to do the raiding scene and get through it, have a laugh, not cry when didnt get that peice of armour. We are of course waiting for the new expansion xD

I mean not every one has instant epic thats more imba that the "Gladiator Set" or pre BT and Tier4-5. Dont you have to start of somewhere with your character or do we only have one character and thats it!

Any ways moving swiftly on, you will have to decide for your self if you want to join and help expand and well have a laugh etc.

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Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

539460520_Inactive, Jan 20, 08 5:00 PM.
Soon to be raiding kara - gruul - mag and accepting more mebers
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