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New Ventrilo!
Jan 23, 08 8:44 PM

Battleground Legends is a new guild on the Crushridge server of World of Warcraft. We are a PvP/Arena guild that concentrates on two simple things:

1. Gear up with PvP gear by doing AV, AB, WSG, and EotS.

2. Gear up with season 3 arena gear after getting somewhat or full geared with the PvP gear.

The only rules in the guild would be to respect other members. Swearing is not a big issue with me.

By the way I am Hammerfall in the game and my brother is Tazzibah. We are the "starters" of the guild and are looking to promote some new officers to take some administration.
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New Ventrilo!

539433476_Inactive, Jan 23, 08 8:44 PM.
Well the good news is that I am currently hosting a Vent for the guild. Bad news is Ventrilo limits it to only 8 people. But if our guild grows hopefully someone can afford to rent one. It's not expensive!
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