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Welcome to Edge of Insanity!

What is your overall goal?
As a guild we strive for a family environment that promotes equality and long-term friendships. Together we strive to successfully clear every dungeon in Azeroth / Outland and Northern and have fun doing it. Working together we fight the good fight and strive for excellence. If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of then EOI may be the place for you.

What kind of players do you want?
We work hard to earn a positive reputation among other guilds, and have several alliances. To that extent we are ONLY interested in intelligent, friendly gamers who enjoy the good conversation and have more extensive vocabularies than those found in Barrens and Orgrimmar Chat. Remember that there are people in every guild whose moral, political or religious beliefs may differ from yours.

EOI is a semi-casual raiding and PVP guild that intends to be a jack of both trades. Although we run instances daily, we generally raid dungeons three to four times a week at this time. If you are a soulless, hardcore raiding machine, you may grow impatient in this guild. For this reason we are seeking participants who are willing to help us grow, and can keep themselves busy when we aren't pillaging an Alliance town or wrecking face in dungeons.

-You must be sufficiently geared to survive in raids. This doesn't mean we're only accepting decked out major players, but if you've got all level 80 blues and better you're probably going to get in over someone who is not prepared.

What classes and levels are you seeking?
Although this is subject to change you can find our current needs Click Here

What about my gear?
If you're well-geared, that's great. Put it on your application. But we are far more interested in a friendly, helpful player in greens than a moron in epics.

Why should I join you?
As far as friendship goes, EOI is the epitome of a perfect guild. No officer will ever command you like a dog, no member will be a snob to you. Everyone here is an individual, which is generally why 99% of our guildies never leave. We are natural teammates; even no we may wipes we still soldier on and get the job done . We distribute loot fairly through use of a loot council and help each other out whenever we can, as best we can.
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