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Arathi Warmasters
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Jan 21, 08 8:22 PM
Welcome everyone to the website of the Arathi Warmaster

Are you a player in the Alliance? Are you tired of the same old PvP guild?Want to go to a good old fashion rp guild with good rpers like yourself?

Then let me tell you this.

The Arathi Warmasters are now looking to recruit new members.The qualifications are simple.We ask only that you like to RP,that you are patient of mind and good of heart.We do pvp as well from time to time in Stormwind and Ogrimmar and we do raids here and there.But we are mainly a Military style RP guild.We only ask you to obey (Rp speaking) the supirior officers and always make sure you know the rules.There is a uniform in our guild and all classes have different ones chosen for them.Only the generals (Seconds in command) Are allowed armor set of there choosing.We work hard everyday to make the rp fun,enjoyable and not too overly dramatic and all rp events are decided by the guild master or if some have been received by others they will be done in a good timeline to make sure we dont have unhappy surprises.We try to slack on the hole "i feel something evil inside of me i cant stop" or "im a demon from some far away demension" we try to keep it with the lore of Azeroth wich the guild master(Me) knows by heart.We twist it up sometimes but never too much.

So if all this intrests you Give a whisper to us:

Guild Master: Jannor

Generals: Lianne(website admin and general), Ilidolar,Grah,Seig,Treize,Thalnor(Guild master Alt).

We usually do our roleplaying in theramore and we have lots of fun.We are also well oginized so nobody is left out.

For all you horde who read this and decides to come to theramore to interrupt our Rping and think ull make a few honor kills.Dont try it.We will defend ourselves and we are orginized in battle.But if things get out of hand,like what we have lived before,we will leave a ticket to the GMs for harassement.I know it seems harsh but we dont want to be bothered,so please let us be.we will come to you on the battlefield in Sw and Ogr. I promise you that and you will have worthy adversaries.

That is all.

Thank you for your time.
And Honor be with you!

Jannor Trollbane
Warcaller of the Arathi Warmasters

LvL 70 Paladin <-BERSERK->

Remember them, When in hope you doubt.

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Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

539463738_Inactive, Jan 21, 08 8:22 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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