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Thank you for coming, this is our new website which we shall use to plan events and general discussion.

Please feel free to post any questions or information on the website.

We are now recruiting. We are not a hard core guild. We do have a life outside of WoW. We are a friendly guild willing to help anyone that asks. We are hoping to get through some endgame instances before the release of the lich king. We are also looking forward to arena and premade pvp. If you are interested don't hesitate. You can hit up Harkolic anytime or you can fill out an application and we will get back to you asap. Take care and be safe.

Other Guild News

Kara 2

539609166_Inactive, Apr 12, 08 9:39 AM.
Moving farther into kara each week.  Grats guys!!

Aelphaba- Whirlwind Bracers
Ragenki- Worgen Claw Necklace

Disenchanted- Signet of Unshakable Faith
Disenchanted- Boots of Valiance

Maiden of Virtue
Phaz- Mitts of the Treemender
Disenchanted- Bracers of Justice

Opera- Big Bad Wolf
Thundermaze- Red Riding Hood's Cloak
Phaz- Beastmaw Pauldrons

Ragenki- Wrynn Dynasty Greaves
Cadax- Gloves of the Fallen Defender

Ragenki- King's Defender
Phaz- Ring of Recurrence

Nini- The Oathkeeper
Unknown- Valanos' Longbow

First Karazhan

539609166_Inactive, Apr 5, 08 6:05 PM.
Grats to those members that received loot from our first Kara run.

Ragenki- Vambraces of Courage
Akahime- Worgen Claw Necklace

Cadax- Nethershard Girdle
Aelphaba- Signet of Unshakable Faith
Fallenleafs- Formula: Enchant Weapon - Mongoose

Maiden of Virtue
Ragenki- Barbed Choker of Discipline
Aelphaba- Mitts of the Treemender

Opera- The Big Bad Wolf
Phaz- Big Bad Wolf's Head
Roodawg- Ribbon of Sacrifice

Trash Loot
Dedseczi- Ritssyn's Lost Pendant
Phaz- Ring of Unrelenting Storms

If I missed anything let me know.

Under construction

539464557_Inactive, Jan 24, 08 8:16 PM.
The guild page is still under construction but don't hesitate to apply.  If you have any experience with graphic design or web page design leave a comment, or if you simply have any tips or ideas you want to see done with this web page.
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