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The Azerothian Consortium


We're a group of adventuresome types who are allies and employees of the Ethereal Consortium, working to reclaim the damaged parts of Azeroth (e.g.The Plaguelands) so that they may be become useful lands once more and thereby economically viable markets for future utilization. The AC employs Alliance only due to the potential infighting that would likely happen, if Horde and Alliance were working side by side. However that does not exclude exemplary Horde members from becoming temporary employees for a given mission or task where they are unlikely to be working with their Alliance counterparts.

The current CEO of the AC is an ex-pirate, smuggler, huntress and scoundrel who was raised and trained by the goblins of Booty Bay before being lured to the Outlands where she became fascinated with and began working for The Ethereals. After a meeting with Nexus-Prince Haramad she was granted license to found the AC and began recruiting friends and like minded people. While the AC is very much a for-profit organization, it isn't above charitable works, especially if they reflect favorably upon the AC itself or the Consortium as a whole. Because the AC does many good works in the area of trying to restore Azeroth to its former glory, there is ample room for idealists to work along side those who are simply in it for thrills or riches.


The AC is a role-playing guild with the above mentioned theme, that because of its unique nature allows characters from many walks of life within its ranks. From lofty minded paladins, to cut-throat rogues all are welcome to join the AC provided they obey what few rules there are, and carry out any orders that come from the Nexus-Prince. The rules themselves are mostly OOC in nature, and should be common sense stuff most RPers know. In short, we want everyone to have fun, play nice and get along.


  1. Guild Chat is IC – If you need and IC rationale, then the AC issues communication devices that are part of your Hearthstones. These devices are Ethereal Tech and cannot be replicated by normal engineering means. If someone leaves or is removed from the AC, the Hearthstone will still function but the communication feature is disabled.

  2. Officer Chat is OOC – Anything you want to discuss or ask that is of an OOC nature goes here. If for some reason you MUST say something OOC in the Guild Channel, please denote such with brackets (()),[], see below.

  3. Obey RP Server Rules – That means keep OOC chatter out of say/yell, follow RP naming conventions for alts, avoid netspeak. Again if you find that you must speak OOC, use (()), [], or something similar to denote OOC speech.

  4. Need before Greed – This is how we operate in all instances, groups, ect. If you need an item, roll on it, unless its BoP then those that need who are of an appropriate class may roll, followed by others of a different class who it would be an upgrade for, followed by shards. All shards gathered in AC sponsored instances go to the Guild Bank for member enchantments.

  5. Don't be Greedy – The guild bank is open for all to use. Anything in there is community property. But if you take more than you need, or if you never put things in the bank, then someone will talk to you. If you are ever caught selling items from the Guild Bank, you will be ejected from the Guild. The sole exclusion is if an officer is selling junk to make space and turns the money back into the bank – That must be cleared with the guild master ahead of time.


  1. Engineering/Mining – If you have no strong preference for a character's trade professions, consider engineering or mining as one of your professions. Both fit well with the theme of the guild, as the Consortium is very techno-centric and deals a lot with rare metals and gems.

  2. Consortium Reputation – At level 64+ consider working on your Consortium Reputation, not only do they offer some very nice rewards, but it makes a lot of sense IC for all members of the AC to at least be Friendly. Again this isn't a requirement.

  3. Minimize Angst – While there is nothing wrong with serious and intense RP some of the time, please try to avoid making characters that have the Tragedy Du Jour. Once in a while is okay, but if a character is constantly filled with deep emotional trauma and it never gets better, that's too much.

Other Guild News

Open For Business!

539212147_Inactive, Jan 24, 08 7:07 AM.
The Azerothian Consortium is now open and accepting applications for new propective employees.  The ideal candidate should read and be familiar with our rules (see above), the Consortium, it's goals and put in an application on the appropriate forum thread.

-- Mie Starcaller
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