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Age of Loki
Contest results
Sep 29, 08 8:30 AM
Contest Status
Aug 10, 08 6:26 PM
Finish the Summer Strong
Jul 14, 08 4:11 PM
Jun 10, 08 11:43 AM
Jan 22, 08 4:07 PM
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Welcome to Age of Loki;

We are a family friendly guild that is interested in growth.  If you are not a member of Loki and would like to join our circle of friends to be included in upcoming events, click join and we will add you as an associate.  You can also join our chat channel by /join Lokifriends.

For people looking to raid with Age of Loki, please see our raid rules in the forums.

Looking forward to playing with you all!

You all are awesome!


Contest results

Marionna, Sep 29, 08 8:30 AM.

Congratulations Tolward!  You are a beast!  Amberion says he didn’t try because I told him he couldn’t win, but I disbelieve!

Final standings are posted in forums!  

Contest Status

Marionna, Aug 10, 08 6:26 PM.
Just wanted to give you a quick update on our status contribution contest.
As of this evening, these are the standings:
Tolward and alts: 189712
Rhythm and alts: 111690
Amberion and alts: 57448
Yumiko and alts: 55159
Ewena: 38928
Dravena: 34555
Drakshar and alts: 29370
Galbatorixx and alts: 27793
Aura: 27008

There are others closely following so keep up the good work! 

Finish the Summer Strong

Marionna, Jul 14, 08 4:11 PM.

            In an effort to thrust our guild higher and higher in level, we are going to have a little contest.  The person that contributes the most guild status between now and September 30th at 9 AM CST will win 25 plat and bragging rights! 

I have recorded everyone’s guild status as of when the guild dinged level 35 today. 

Notice I said person… that means if you play several characters, we will add all of your characters contributions together, but I need to have it recorded that you play several characters.  Please go to the guild website at and add all of your characters to your account and the guild roster.  If a character is not on the guild roster and I cannot see that it is your character on the guild roster that status will not count toward the contest.

Have fun and happy hunting!




Marionna, Jun 10, 08 11:43 AM.
Thank you to everyone who contributed status and particularly those who made that last push!  We have a long ways to go to 60, but with all of our awesome members I know we can make it!

Amberion and I will not be running our regular Sunday raids the rest of June because of other commitments and travel.  Look for us to start again in July.  We will try to do some more spontaneous events as schedules allow and players are available. 

When, we do get back to raiding, we hope to start hitting some T8 zones as well.  That will mean level 75 and all of us to be on our toes.  We will still run some of the lower level raids as well, but they will likely be a different day.

It looks like the summer months are double experience on weekends, so that's an awesome time to just do some group and help those who want to level do so.  The other thing that can easily be done with smaller groups are Heritage Quests.  (The status won't hurt the guild either!)

Check back here, we might have a little guild contest connected to status while I'm out of town.  :-)


538791774_Inactive, Jan 22, 08 4:07 PM.
We are hoping to be able to use the Calendar to show availability and interest.  Maybe someday even raids :)  Its not up yet but look for it soon.

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