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Ira Deorum
Apr 18, 08 5:36 AM
Mar 31, 08 9:02 AM
Mar 27, 08 11:49 AM
Void Reaver Down again
Mar 3, 08 11:00 AM
Void Reaver Down!!!!
Feb 24, 08 9:13 PM
We Ira deorum are in a quest together to beat down the hellish scourge of the alliance. Lets go ahead full steam at becoming one of the best guild for all the world to know and fear.
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539482112_Inactive, Apr 18, 08 5:36 AM.
We have merged with another guild, please contact a Former officer for info.


539481607_Inactive, Mar 31, 08 9:02 AM.
Last Night we downed Magtheridon!!! Congratulations all that attended it was an excellent raid! Congratulations on all for their new tier 4 chests and looking forward to doing the same thing to Lurker later in the week!


539482112_Inactive, Mar 27, 08 11:49 AM.
  Welcome all new raiders.

Up coming events,   Gruuls, Mag’s (since its been nerfed) , Void Reaver, Mount Hyjal( first 2 bosses)

Please read up on the Mags, Lurker and Mount hyjal fights.  COME PREPARED AND FOCUSED

Also congrats to all those who have been in MT, but don’t forget TUES, THUR and SUNDAY RAID TIMES, don’t make 24 people wait on you. Its an exciting time with the new instances and gear, but we need to keep moving forward, focus on progression or we will not keep moving forward.  Tanks need to keep talking to make sure that when you arived you know what gear you need and what you need to have done.  We have help gear some frost and nature rest. Sets.

Void Reaver Down again

539482112_Inactive, Mar 3, 08 11:00 AM.
Down again, nice run last night, for those who made it, thank you.  As we found out last night, please stay logged in, we had openning by the time we made it to void reaver, some people were DC and we had spots.  The loot was nice, except for the same rogue trinket again, and we had to DE it. 

We keep doing this, we will have Gruuls and VR down in no time at all.  Looking forward in the next week or so to start lurker.  Hope everyone is getting ready to get some more gear and dkp.

Have a good day. 

Void Reaver Down!!!!

539481607_Inactive, Feb 24, 08 9:13 PM.
Void Reaver Down!!!! Awesome job tonight everyone on downing void reaver!!! We were able to take him down in 3 tries on our first night attempting him!!! Grats to all on their new loot and awesome job!!! I am looking forward to next weeks raid!!!
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