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Frist of all we will resume raiding once we meet the 25 man personel with the right gear to start makeing attempts on Gruul's Lair and doining him. I wan all the Officers in the guild to down load "webdkp" for we will start to use that for 25 man raid content so there is not dispute to where the gear should go. On that note the first few runs will be a need roll basis to get the dkp ppl need to aquire gear from Gruuls and Beyond. If u have any Friends that are well geared and lloking to start to 25 mans and want to progress Have them send a ingame messege to one of the officers or the gm so we can talk to them and see what there gear and intentions are. Once again thank you and i hope that this will make up for all the raiding we have not done in NE.
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What time is good for u all to run 25 mans Winner: "9pm server" 4 weeks, 2755 days ago
What days are u availiable to raid Winner: "Wed" 4 weeks, 2755 days ago
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