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Aporthètos Aretè
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Welcome to the site of 

Aporthètos Aretè

Welcome to the guild if you are a new member and thank you for visiting us if you are not. 

We are recruiting new members and its our goal to build a new guild that will someday own BGs, Raids, and Instances.  We are dedicated to help new characters grow and mature in the lands of World of Warcraft.

Our name means Unconquered Valor.  The Officers, Commanders and myself wish to instill a since of honor and valor amongst our members.  We hope to build a guild that will have long lasting friendships and promote cooperation with each other in times of need.  However, we do expect you to treat each other with honor and respect. 

Guild Ranks

Our original members of the guild that helped establish it are Grandfathered into the position of Veteran even though some have not achieved the level to acquire that rank.  All new members are subject to the below ranking system.  Do not ask for me to compromise it, in the effort to remain fair I will stick to this system.

Note:  Veterans and above can invite new candidates only Commanders and the Guild Master (High Commander) can dismiss members for misconduct. 

High Commander (GM)
Commander (Appointed by the GM to assist in guild management)
Officer            lvls 67-70
Centurions       lvls 55-66
Veterans         lvls 40-54
Shock Troops   lvls 20-39
Enlisted         lvls 1-19
                Probationary       New Recruits  (3 days)

Dont ask to be promoted before your level is sufficient but feel free to bring it to my or any Commanders attention once you have reached a new rank.

Guild BANK

Simple.  If you need something, take it.  However, don't sell items in AH that you remove from the bank.  Doing so will remove you from the guild.  The bank keeps logs so when you can add to bank and coffers as well as take from it when you need it.  Feel free to make repairs from the guild bank during guild ran instances or if your running low.  Just help the bank be a good resource for everyone.  Some may add materials or items for others to use, some may be able to add gold.  When the bank begins to run full the GM and or Commanders may take items out of the bank to sell and then deposit the entire sell amount into the banks gold reserves.  This is the ONLY exception to selling items taken from the bank in AH.

Basic Rules

Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.  If you need help ask for it, if you can lend help do so.  However, everyone is working on character development so if someone cannot assist you right of way be understanding.  Alot of abusive language towards other members of the guild is grounds for dismissal.  Rude behavior, racist or sexist comments that offends others in the guild is grounds for dismissal.  Stealing from the guild or over begging is ground for dismissal. 

Bottom Line

Have fun and we will help you grow your character and develop their skills.  My goal is to have everyone reach 70 and become Kara Attuned.  Your cooperation and suggestions will make this guild a better community for everyone.

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