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Welcome to The Freaks of Nature's new website!
In order to use this site to the fullest, you have to join the guild's web page.  Even if you're already a guildie, or are already registered on guild portal, you still have to apply through the page and there should be an application on every page just to make it easy for ya.  Kinda screwed up, but thats how guild portal does it. (Depstock says - Make your answer to the questions funny!)

Now, on to the good stuff:

Freaks of Nature is a fun, ADULT guild.  So if you get offended easily, leave now!  It is not inteded for kiddies.

So, grab your drink, kick back and relax, and lets go have some DAOC fun!
Guild News

Freaks New Web Site

Aliciaday, Feb 6, 08 4:38 PM.
Hey Freaks, we have a new website here.  Hope it meets our needs and if you have any ideas of what should be here, give me a shout in game.  Things may be a bit buggy cause I'm learning here so be patient with me!

Aliciaday : Ok, I got rid of the Officers only forum and added a few extra to the general forums, and 2 new ones for guildies only.  If you have any other ideas let me know

Depstock : A new poll was added, so be sure to check it out. Be sure to click on that link every now and then for new and exciting thought provoking questions.

Aliciaday, Feb 6, 08 4:36 PM.
This is where all you can give your guildies some kudo's on reaching milestones and new realm ranks!

3/24 - Gratz lightfromtheheaven on RR11L0!

3/5  - Gratz light on 10L9 and becoming 18 finally. He celebrated it by clicking
"Go back to the last webpage" and "Enter. I'm over 18" buttons non-stop. this means..he can enter his favourite sites legally!

2/22 - Gratz to leitz on 8L4 and his druid on rr3! (update druid has hit 3L7)

2/17 - Congrats to Tsan on RR10!

2/13-Gratz on lightfromtheheaven on 10L8!

2/12-Gratz Inuke for making 8L0 on Caesius!

2/11-Welcome back to both Jiimmy and Deps...bout damn time!

2/1-Congrats to the entire guild.  We hit 150,000,000 realm points on Friday, Feb. 1

2/1-Iseeudie hit 2 million rps and 7L3

2/1-Voltec hit 5L7

2/1-Jiimmy and Depstock both got appealed on the same night!  Which really sucks cause now we won't be seeing them for a few days.
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