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Level 70
Mar 2, 08 8:22 AM
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It is a time of war upon Azeroth and Outland both.  They say it is a time for heroes and battle.  Upon the crash on Azeroth, a single Draenei hunter learned what he could about the races of this new world.  He found himself an alien on a world that was wartorn.  He found so many that bickered and fought among themselves.  He saw the Legion and the Scourge scour the lands.  He watched as the Horde and Alliance fought each other as well as their mutual enemies.  He wandered the world, until a dwarven priest told him of the visions of doom that he had been having.  A coming darkness that would spread more pain across the worlds.  And with a few others that he had discussed this vision with, they formed a Council.  They would not let the bickering of the world bring them into the darkness.  They would remain true and pure to the desire to eliminate the true enemies.  Alliance?  Horde?  These are simple childish barriers.  No, it's the free against the Legion and the Scourge.  Come and join us, pick up the sword and fight those that are our true enemies.

Welcome to the Council of the Sword! Council of the Sword is a medium roleplay guild on the World of Warcraft Thorium Brotherhood server. The guild started when Drallyru Rac'smyrw left his former guild, feeling that it was not fighting the threats of the Scourge and Legion hard enough.   Leaving with several others they formed the Council, and he was thrust into the position of Baron.  The guild feels that it is strength and focus that will bring about the eradication of the Scourge and Legion. 


   1. Be an adult.  It's pretty easy to understand.  Don't be childish, work with us and we will all work together.  If you feel the need to throw a temper tantrum or talk bad about any other in a manner that is not considered acceptable, you will be asked to leave.   This is a game, and we all wish to enjoy ourselves.
   2. Respect the officers and those ranked above you. If someone is an officer please understand that they have been placed in that position for good reason. When in an instance, questing, etc. please follow their instructions or at least be respectful if you have an opposing opinion. Suggestions are always welcome if they are given in a constructive manner.
   3. If you are having a problem with another guild member please approach an officer or guild master about it. We are here to help you so please let us do our job and ensure that there are as few problems as possible.
   4. Though we are a medium roleplay guild, we will be helping out with instances and hopefully in time some raids. When you sign up for an instance please show up on time. If for some reason you will be late or can't make it, contact us to let someone know that you will need to be replaced.
   5. Help out your fellow guild members. We are here to assist each other so whenever you get a chance to step up and help out please do so. It'll be noticed I assure you.
  6. The most important rule of our guild, HAVE FUN! We're easy going and are playing and roleplaying for the fun of it not to stress people out. So enjoy yourselves!  Remember, above's just a game.

BARON: Guild master of the Council.  Any issues or needs can be brought to him

LORD: Officers in service to the Council. These are the personal advisors to the Baron. They exist to fix altercations and to run the guild in the absense of a presiding Matron.

COUNT:  Officers in service to the council.  (These are any alt's of a Lord)

KNIGHT GENERAL: In service to the Council, these are members who have shown themselves to be leaders and higher ups in their class. Ranking just below the Lords (officers), their job is to instruct and assist other guild members within their class.

KNIGHT: Followers of the Council, these members are the proven backbone of the guild. Having been promoted from Squire they are charged with the task of working with one another to try and become strong enough to fight the burning legion and possibly move up along the ranks if they wish.

SQUIRE:  This is the body of the Council of the Sword, they are those that have chosen to follow the path against the Legion and the Scourge.  They have proven themselves to be ready to take on the responsibility of the guild.

RECRUIT: These are new initiates to the order. They have not yet proven themselves.   After that two week period, if the Baron and Lords see fit, they will be inducted into the Knighthood and become a squire to the knights.


The Baron, Lords, and Knight Generals all have access, of varying degrees, have access to withdraw from the Guild bank.  All members are able to deposit any items they feel are usefull to the guild.    There are however these rules I ask that you stick to.

1.  Only deposit items that are going to be usefull to the guild members in one way or another.  Do not flood the bank with things you simply wish to remove from your own bank.

2.  If items have sat in with no request for them over a week they will be evaluated on whether they should be kept there or pulled out and sent to an enchanter to be disenchanted or sold in the AH.   The Baron will be the only one to make these decisions.

3.  Only ask for items from the Guild Bank that you can use at the moment and that you will use with your character.  Anybody found abusing the Guild Bank will be put on a probationary period and if continued will be removed from the guild.
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Level 70

539492596_Inactive, Mar 2, 08 8:22 AM.
After 23 days total time played Drallyru has hit level 70.
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