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The Clan of the Shadow Walkers
Strike Forces
Apr 11, 08 8:47 AM
The Shadow Raiders
Apr 11, 08 8:42 AM
Salvage Drive
Feb 3, 08 11:08 AM
  Welcome all to the shadows.

    Here you will find any information needed on upcoming events and information on the Clan of the Shadow Walkers.

Strike Forces

539495662_Inactive, Apr 11, 08 8:47 AM.
   NuclearVinter will be heading up a strike force team for the SG.  Check the Events category on the website for available times.  They will be scheduled as PST.  Good luck and I'll see you out there.

The Shadow Raiders

539495662_Inactive, Apr 11, 08 8:42 AM.
  We will be setting up a base raiding team as soon as our own base is upgraded.  Z Machine will be the Raid Commander.  Any questions that you have he will answer.  Stay tuned for more information

Salvage Drive

539495662_Inactive, Feb 3, 08 11:08 AM.
    We a currently holding a salvage drive to help with the shortage of supplies.  Salvage is needed in construction of base idems such as teleporter pads.  I will be checking the salvage logs daily and any salvage that is deposited in the racks will be bought by me in the form of infamy.  THERE IS NO CAP ON HOW MUCH A SINGLE PERSON CAN DEPOSIT.  The prices for salvage very and brake down as fellows.

  Base Salvage 500 infamy
  Component Salvage 1,000 infamy
  Event Salvage 2,000 infamy

Good luck to all
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