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Creamy Justice
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Greetings and Welcome to CREAMY JUSTICE! 


We are a group of friends and family that enjoy playing City of Heroes and City of Villians together.
If your interested in our group, just drop us a line!

We set up this site to share the game with each other further. 

Happy Hunting!

«Creamy Justice»



539502816_Inactive, Jul 13, 08 8:00 AM.
Announcements:  First, Congrats to Logan for getting Sinister Biker to lvl 50!!  Second, Welcome Rosie from NY, our newest member.  I think she has been fitting right in and enjoying herself.  Also, for anyone who does not know, we created "Progressive Stupidity", a Villian group on Liberty server, just for the fun of it. 

Next Weekend is DOUBLE weekend!  Double moneys for you and the base and double XP!  I Hope everyone gets a chance to play.


539502816_Inactive, May 4, 08 10:47 AM.
We have a few things to congratulate our members on! 

We now have 3 members at level 50; Ike, Josh and Tina all have level 50 toons!

We have achieved the healing SG Badge! This means that our SG has healed others for 5 million hit points!  Exspecally thanks to Skittish, I Know Your Pain, Lythacla, and Strontium, the main healers of the group.  This badge gave the base a 'store' table (check out forum topic on it). 

Jeff and Ike have both been promoted!  Jeff will now help us all lead the base and Ike is now a Captain!

A speical grats to I Know Your Pain and Leinenkugel for making it on the High Score list for the game! (see pictures)

We also have a new member of the sg, Chris from Tenn.  He has several toons with one at level 50, so welcome Chris.

Thanks to everyone that makes this base possible and to everyone that makes Creamy Justice Creamier! 

                Happy Hunting!
                    --Creamy Justice

Music, CoV, Group Nights

539502816_Inactive, Apr 16, 08 8:15 AM.
Well, Superhero by Steven Lynch won the music choice for this page by a total of 4 votes.  But, you can still make suggestions for music.  Every couple of months we can change the song, or add a song to another page on here, so keep the suggestions coming and I will do my best to add them to the play list.  I will put the new suggestions, as well as the closest runner-ups, to vote every few months. 

In new news, we have been accepted into a new CoV base, Pragmatic, on Liberty Server!  Jeff's friends, Brett and Christy, have welcomed us into an already established base and we all have the ability to invite our friends.  Thursday evening is the suggested night for group colabration and since no other night has been suggested, it seems like it will work.  Hope to see you all there. 

Saterday night is still Creamy Justice night, so please offer suggestions on what we should all do as a group in the fourms! 

Have fun! ~Creamy Justice

Creamy Justice Has a New Address!

System, Mar 24, 08 12:44 PM.
Creamy Justice has been upgraded to include a custom domain, and can now be reached directly by going to Please note that there is no WWW in front of the address!

Thank you for choosing GuildPortal as your guild''s home on the web!

Base stuffs

539502761_Inactive, Mar 16, 08 4:07 PM.
Greetings super peoples. We (we being BAB) have added a couple things in the base to make life easier. First is an arcane salvage storage and forge, throw your arcane base salvage in it (I'll move what's in the other one to it soon) and use the forge to make magical things of many wonders.

Secondly, we (again, we being BAB, I just like taking credit for things) added another enhancement table in the back control room. That table will be for personal things ONLY, if there's one you want to hold for later levels or for another character use that one. If it's not yours, DON'T TAKE IT OUT. The old one in the hallway will be for group use, if you're giving it to anyone that wants it, put it in there. That should solve any worries people have if they can take certain things out of it.

And of course everyone is free to behold the wonder that is the amazing table of greatness. Gaze apon it's majesticness and thank the Gods' for making something so wonderfull.

Also, there is a new inspraition storage in the power room, it is for all "battle" inspraitions (reds, yellows, etc.), this way we can use the one in the med bay for the most needed inspraitions, like greens and wakies.  Please add to these storages when you can and try to pay attention to how many of which kinds are in each.  For instance, don't add more yellows if we already have 30 of them and no reds, you get the point. 
Hope you this helps everyone, Creamy Justice.
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