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Brethren of Might
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Feb 6, 08 11:29 PM
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Welcome to the <Brethren of Might> GuildPortal Website!

Chances are, you didn't stumble upon this website just by chance. You're either apart of the guild, or are considering joining the ranks of the guild. Brethren of Might was founded by two experienced players who's mains existed on another realm (now transferred to Gnomeragan, but are Alliance). 

The guild leaders are Vardamir (guild master) and Andúnë (second in-command). We are both pretty upstanding and respectable people. We have lives outside of WoW, just like you, and can understand practically every situation you come from. 

Brethren of Might has no real set rules. The unwritten rules of respect and dignity are generally the backbone of any good guild, and that's what we thrive to accomplish. 

We have a Guild Bank (thanks to Sardo!), a tabard (designed by yours truly), and are working on getting enough members to organize guild instance runs and possibly even runs from higher levels. Vardamir is leveling quickly, so I'm sure that once I hit 60 and respec to Prot (or even beforehand), I will be able to start running people thru instances. Until then, sit tight, and start recruiting higher levels. 
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539504594_Inactive, Feb 6, 08 11:29 PM.
Jame's Horde Leveling Guide (starts at level 21)
I (Vardamir) have been using this guide since level 21 (as a Ret-spec Pally), and it has proven to be the most effective way to level, no matter what! At the time of posting this, I am level 37. Just 7 hours ago (/played time), I was level 32. You make the verdict there. And I sat AFK a lot, and worked on AH items, Guild Bank, Guild Ranks, etc., etc. So it could go even faster. The ONLY downsides to this leveling guide are as follows: some grinding sessions, no incorporation of instances (as groups are never guaranteed), and little focus on gear, meaning most of your gear comes from quests, random drops, or the AH.

Although all of the following profession guides were meant for level 70 players looking to powerlevel their professions, I have used these as I level, and they have proven to work just as efficiently.

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