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Welcome to Radiant Heart Guild (Aerie Peak EU)

We are a friendly guild with an aim to enjoy all aspects of WoW, we are not a hardcore guild but do enjoy both raiding and pvp and aim to develop both aspect as as pve.

We have a tabard and 5 tab guild bank which is more accesible with higher guild rank.

We are looking for players of lvl 40+ of any class who wish to be part of a friendly and mature guild.

We arrange regular dates for instances runs, pvp and raids when enough reach lvl 80. We also aim to do some farming of lower lvl raids for profession recipes etc

Please contact Radenant, Makrvi, Kheldren or Hundre in game for invite or complete our online application.

Other Guild News

Guild Activities

Kheldren, Dec 7, 08 1:35 AM.
When we finish the recruitment drive we will be organising the guild events.

We plan for 1st and 3rd Weekends of every month to be Raid weekends.

2nd and 4th Weekends for premade battlegrounds and guild arena teams

We will also be running a weekly instance. This will be changed each week and it will be done on normal and heroic. This is being done so it allows all guildies the opportunity to go to some of the instances for gear etc or just to experience them.

There is more information to site members on the pvp and raid pages.

Guild Restructure

Kheldren, Dec 7, 08 1:30 AM.
All members will be receiving an in-game mail asking if they wish to stay to mail an officer. This is to allow us to sort out the active members and remove the inactive ones.

This action is being taken so that we can begin to recruit without a high proportion of AFK members or alts and give the guild the best possible chance to grow and become an active and friendly place.

Deadline for mail reply will be Saturday 12pm whem the officers will begin to remove inactive members.

Saturday will see the beginning of our recruitment phase.

Thank you for your support

Guild Alliance

Kheldren, Nov 28, 08 7:16 AM.
Radiant Heart is looking to form alliances with other like minded guilds with the aim of forming combined parties for Raids of premade BG days etc. If you know of any guilds or characters who may wish to ally with Radiant please inform an officer

Thank you

Kheldren, Nov 28, 08 7:12 AM.
Radiant News

There has been a recent split in Radiant which has seen some of the officers and hardcore raiders form their own guild more aimed at raiding content, we wish them all the best in their new guild.

As a result Radiant is going back to its roots of being a genereal guild aimed at all aspects of the game including Raiding and pvp but without the hardcore element to it.

First order of business will be to begin a new recruiting drive aimed at bringing in new active 40+ characters to the guild.

We are going to be looking at the guild bank and organising events within the guild.

We are also looking for some more junior officers in the guild so if you feel like you could be an officer please see the section in information box on homepage

We would to point out we will be using the WoW in game calendar now to organise events such as instance or raids runs and other kinds of events. These events will also be put onto the website calendar as well.

We would like to thank all the current members who have stayed and help to keep Radiant going throught this challenging time

Thank you All

Monthly Guild Awards
Guild Awards

These awards are issued to guild members in recognition of their efforts in their wining field. The awards will be issued monthly along with a gift for each winner.

Most Active Guildy

Most Helpful Guildy

Best Achiever in Character Class

Top Recruiter

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