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Jun 20, 08 7:26 AM
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Welcome to your NEW guild home page! Lets hope this makes an even better guild than before, IF thats possible.
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539287876_Inactive, Jun 20, 08 7:26 AM.
There have been a few incidents within the guild that have prompted me to make a decision that was really not easy to make.

I have seen many members complaining about the maturity level of the guild chat within Violent nature and I believe rather than boot people out of that guild I would rather keep many of you safe from it by moving you over to Excessive Violence.

This will from now on be a raiding guild since many of you are past many of the instance running that consumed us earlier.

There will be no ranks, no talk of dukes, and no purgatory. If someone is a problem they WILL be removed and not allowed to return.

Everyone will be assigned a group for Karazhan based on what days/nights are better suited for them to run. Membership will be limited and some people from Violent Nature will not be coming. SOME WILL, and if they turn out to be problematic they will be removed.

Everyone who joins EV will be required to have a working Teamspeak and at least headphones to join the raid. They will be required to join THIS website and check regularly to see when the runs will be scheduled. It will also be a requirement that you CAN run participate in the raids to be able to join. Anyone who cannot can always stay in VN. VIOLENT NATURE IS NOT CLOSING DOWN. It will be a leveling guild for alts and lower members. I may allow some lower levels to join EV as a safety measure rather than lose them as a player in either guild. That will be handled on a case by case basis.

I want everyone included in the runs. If you have all the gear you need PLEASE let someone else go so they can get gear as well. I would like Karazhan at least run once a week so we can continue to advance.

I will be running both guilds again so please be patient and bear with me.

Thank you all again,

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