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Mar 25, 09 7:47 PM
Dec 31, 08 12:44 PM
Weekly RP Session
Jul 12, 08 12:07 AM
Recruiting for Raid Team
Apr 1, 08 12:41 PM
The Sunwell Covenant, once a renowned faction of Silvermoon City for having conceived and built the great Sunwell, is piecing its shattered life back together. They seek new funding to fuel their research, having been cut off financially from Silvermoon City in the wake of the Sunwell's destruction. Bitter over the failed leadership of the past, they seek to forge a new path for their people. The Covenant has endured an onslaught of humans and Scourge, and seeks new blood to fill their depleted ranks...only the best and brightest sin'dorei need apply...
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Hetathia Goldmoon, Mar 25, 09 7:47 PM.
If you are interested in raiding Kara, check the Guild Run forum on the board and sign-up, or speak to Keavy or Hetathia to be added to the list. What we need is a commitment to be involved with the raid from all potential members to make this happen.


KeavySolway, Dec 31, 08 12:44 PM.
Now that our raiding team is being pieced together we will need to begin training for when we all reach 80. Stay tuned for rules and regulations regarding raid and loot etiquette. We are thinking of holding raiding days fridays or saturdays, if you are interested speak with Keavy. We will need to know what day you'd be able to commit to.

So far:
TANK: Acheirian, Thranduil, Stroud, Getharn

DPS: Keavy, Hetathia, Melissende, Zalcar, Soriak

HEAL: Nadeve, Meranna?, Fayfay

STANDBY: Aerrika, Adramir, Sephirby

We might still need another healer, and now we just need levels or DPSers. Stay tuned! Another practice Kara run in the near future...


Weekly RP Session

Hetathia Goldmoon, Jul 12, 08 12:07 AM.
Every week, members of the Sunwell Covenant gather in a town or city for an RP session. All you need is an idea, and a few willing souls for a decent RP session, about nearly anything you want. Post an idea in the forums and get feedback, or just dive into a spontaneous session with others whenever you can!

Recruiting for Raid Team

KeavySolway, Apr 1, 08 12:41 PM.
We are now recruiting a few good blood elves of level to raid! All blood elven classes are welcome at this time. We will be raiding normally as well as RP raids. For further information and interview, contact Keavy. 
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