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Welcome Guildies and Visitors!

This is [A] <Monkey See Monkey Kill> (Tichnondrius)'s Guild Site, here you can see our Guild Rosters and Calendar Events as well as Bank information once that section is up. be sure to make an account so we can get the forum and chat sections up and etc etc. be sure to check out news updates frequently as possible.

For visitors, feel free to examine the site. We're a very versatile guild, we help non-70s get to 70, or just level in particular, and also help them build up their profession skills as well as their wallets. At the moment, we have few level 70s, also few above 58 or 60, so we are actively recruiting all above 55, however if you are under 55, we still always need new members to build up our ranks. Once we have more high level characters, we hope to organize some Guild Exclusive Raids though until then we need more level 70s, so if you have an Alliance character on Tichondrius thats level 70 and you are looking for a guild, then look no further. If you want to join, contact anyone in-game (check the roster for a list of all members) or mail us at, or contact us here at our website.

For 70s applying to join our Raiding force, send an email to us ( with your Character Name, Experience, Race, Class, Spec, gameplay style and we would appreciate a WoWarmory link. We don't want seasoned veterans, we want to take in the new 70s and give them a chance at raids and etc.

Other Guild News

Guild has been disbanded

539511282_Inactive, May 10, 08 6:26 PM.
Guild has been disbanded, pst Dayruiner or mail him for an invite into <Fallen Faith> the remake of the guild.


539511282_Inactive, Apr 28, 08 8:51 PM.
<Monkey See Monkey Kill> is being recreated, however it's GM, Dayruiner, will remain the acting GM and it's Assistants GMs, Nightruiner/Huntinious, Dancingleaf/Midnightmoon, Jorgen and Dayruiner's alternates, will also be remaining the same. The Tabard will be updated, and prior to the disbanding, the vault will be left up for grabs. The New name has not yet been finalized, but the most agreed upon for the moment, is <We Wiped on Hogger>.

The new guild will work much like the old one, this site will be reformatted to better fit the new style. Big changes in the guild are for one: The guild will be reformatted into a "World PvP" and "Organized Battleground" Guild, which will do entry level raids on the side provided we have the manpower.

Rank 1 (GM) will remain Dayruiner.

Rank 2 (Assistant GM): will remain as it is (Current Warlord ranked members).

Rank 3 (Geared) Will be available to any 70s that have a gear ratio of 12:4:0 or better.

Rank 4 (Semi-Geared) wil be available to any 70s that have a gear ratio of 6:10:0 or better.

Rank 5 (70) will be available to any 70s that do not reach the above qualifications.

Rank 6 (Twink) will be available to any and all active twinks.

Rank 7 (Active) will be available to any players that log on at least once every 2 weeks, it is the default rank.


The availability of the guild, Level 40+, preferably 50+ are ALLOWED. They can be "Any race, any class, any spec." If you are an "alternate character" you are ALLOWED, as long as your main is in this guild. If you are a "Twink" Level 29, 39, 49, 59, or 69, you are ALLOWED. If you were in <Monkey See Monkey Kill> before the recreation you are ALLOWED. the only people that are NOT ALLOWED are: Douche-bags, Noobs below level 40, Players that are Inactive, and "Players that despise PvP."

Rankings for the most part merely signify your role and gear status, they also grant some small advantages. Officer Chat is reserved for the Assistant GMs.

If you would like to suggest a name or an idea, please do so in the guild forums.
Also please vote on whether or not the New Guild Name should be comedic/silly, or a serious name.

One more thing, keep the information and idea of a World PvP Guild under reps, this may be an ingenious idea, and it is better if nobody else decides to make the guild before we do. Planned disbanding and recreation is May 10, 2008, at 6:00 PM Tichondrius Server Time. For those not staying for the recreation, it was fun, thanks for being a member of <Monkey See Monkey Kill>.

GM of <Monkey See Monkey Kill>: Dayruiner

This is planned as being the final news update...

New Ranking System has been implemented

539511282_Inactive, Mar 30, 08 3:13 AM.
Guild Master
Commander    Executive Rank (special spot)
General        Officer Tier (70)
Officer        High Ranking (58+)
Captain        Medium Ranking (40+)
Lieutenant        Low Rank (20+)
Member        Starting Rank (1-20)

Crafter and Instance leader, as well as 2nd in command have all be removed. Commander is for special persons and friends in the guild. General is basically high as you can get otherwise. As you can see its more militaristic. This was put into effect 3/30 at 3:12 AM. Server Time.

Recruitment & Attunement

539511282_Inactive, Mar 19, 08 3:17 PM.
Monkey See Monkey Kill is now up to 7 70s. 3 Hunters, 2 Locks, and 2 Rogues, and nearly a 70 Shaman and Lock in addition to that. However this means we have basically no tanks or healers, so we need to recruit more of them in the near future. This also means we are very close to being able to do Karazhan, so everyone get their attunement for it in case we are ready for it before Patch 2.4 comes out.

Also, if we get some tanks and healers, we can start getting the daily heroics done for the guild.
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