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Mandalorian Lore
Feb 9, 08 9:45 PM


             The True 


Welcome to the internet home of Brias MANDO squad, True Mandalorians. We are a PVE, PVP and RP encouraged guild dedicated to the Mandalorian Culture.

There is a process in order to join the True Mandalorians, we have guidelines and by-laws in order to give structure to the guild. We expect those interested in joining the guild to read and understand what is expected of a MANDO member and work towards achieving these goals. The guild site has numerous threads and saved information in order to give back ground into the life, challanges and language of the Mando'ade.

 All interested will submit an application via the MANDO forums and wll be contacted both in the forums and ingame.

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Mandalorian Lore

Gerreck, Feb 9, 08 9:45 PM.
Mandalorian Lore

Asside From Battle, the most important thing to a Mandalorian is their heritage. Therefore, the "First Task" you must complete is learning about their history and culture...

Early History

The Mandalorians were a group of clan-based people consisting of members from multiple species. Their culture revolved around that of the idea of battle and war being a source of honor and pride in their community. The leader of the Mandalorians typically took on the title of "Mandalore." Mandalorians were frequently allied with the Sith, most notably Exar Kun and much later as a prototype for the Clone trooper under the power of Darth Sidious and the Galactic Republic.

Originally, the Mandalorian clans were Taung from Coruscant, led by the warlord "Mandalore the First".  Eventually they conquered a planet in the Outer Rim, which they named Mandalore after their leader. The Taung then took the name Mandalorians and were seen by many as the most skilled fighters in the Galaxy, thriving in battle. They were known for their use of cutting-edge weaponry and held to a strict code of honor. These Mandalorians wore crusader armor that differed from one soldier to the next. Later, members of other species joined their ranks, until humans made up the majority. Mandalorians spoke their own language, Mando'a, but many spoke Galactic Basic as well.

For thousands of years after Mandalore's conquest, its new inhabitants would not venture far from the system they inhabited. It was not until the Great Sith War of 4,000 BBY that the Mandalorians would seek to expand their conquests and, in the process, become both famous (and infamous) to the galaxy at large. For nearly the next 4,000 years, the Mandalorians would play a large part in galactic warfare.

Civil War

In 60 BBY a schism occurred in their ranks. A violent splinter group, known as the Mandalorian Death Watch, revolted against the leadership of Jaster Mereel, who led the True Mandalorian loyalist faction, due to Mereel's proposed Supercommando Codex reforms. The two groups became mortal enemies, and would go on to clash numerous times.


Mandalorian culture consisted of a very straight-forward nomadic society, influenced by many other cultures around the galaxy. As a whole, Mandalorians were not prejudiced of any species, but tolerated all Mandalorians, as long as they followed Mandalorian principles. Many war-orphaned children (such as Jango Fett) would be adopted into Mandalorian society, and brought up as Mandalorian children.

Mandalorian women were expected to have the same combat skills as men, in order to defend their homes when the men were away. If they didn't have children to raise, they fought alongside men on the battlefield. The ideal Mandalorian woman was physically strong and resilient.

Not all Mandalorians constantly fought on the front line. There were farmers, regular factory workers, engineers, and doctors too. However, all Mandalorians were warriors at heart, and all knew how to fight.

There were six acts one needed to follow to be a Mandalorian, known as the Six Actions (Resol'Nare). They consisted of: wearing armor, speaking Mando'a, defending themselves and families, raising children as Mandalorians, helping the clan succeed and sustain itself, and when called to arms by the Mandalore, rally to his cause.


The Mandalorian religion reflected the sensibilities and values of the Mandalorians. Like the culture itself, it changed over the years, but still maintained its fundamental tenets. In ancient times, Mandalorians were intensely religious, worshipping war and taking their myths literally. However disillusionment with devastating wars of conquest led to a re-interpretation of the stories as parables, to confer philosophical meaning rather than fact.

In Mandalorian myth, the sloth-god Arasuum eternally fought the destroyer god Kad Ha'rangir. This represented the constant struggle between stagnation, and the opportunity for change that stemmed from destruction. Every Mandalorian warrior who died was supposedly joined an army in the afterlife; there they defended their wives and children, who live on an enduring, peaceful homestead. This was viewed as the only place where Mandalorians could finally settle down permanently.

Later generations moved away from a belief in a literal heaven to emphasize the idea of the manda. The manda was described as "a combination of the collective state of being, the essence of being Mandalorian, and an oversoul." To be part of it, a Mandalorian must understand their culture and truly live out its ideals. Otherwise, they would be a dar'manda–someone who was ignorant of their heritage, and would have no soul and no afterlife. This was regarded as a fate worse than death. This emphasis on culture helped to preserve the identity of the Mandalorians even when scattered across the galaxy.

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