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Feb 10, 08 6:21 AM
Kara Cleared
Feb 10, 08 6:13 AM
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Feb 10, 08 5:35 AM
Welcome to G O D L Y!

We are a brand new guild of experienced players. Currently we are recruiting active, K-keyed, level 70s ONLY. We are allied with Hells Council which will contain all of our members who have not yet acheived the requirements to enter G O D L Y (or those that just prefer the name Hells Council :P).

We plan on being the 1337 guild on the server. Let's go guys we need to pass Eximos (that cant be too hard)! In order to do this though we need active members with raid experience. Please recruit everyone from your friends list that meets the qualificactions to join.

Most of our members are also pvp freaks so we plan on arranging some premades and some guild arena teams.

As you'll notice, we don't have hundreds of members like we did in Hells Council. That is because we want quality not quantity. We wasted so many hours and gold helping to key soooooo many 70s only to have them leave. We will not do that in this guild. We expect players to enter the guild keyed, geared and prepared to win! Together we can make every member of our guild an epic player.

We are G O D L Y!
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539359821_Inactive, Feb 10, 08 6:21 AM.
We are currently recruiting active, K-keyed members of all classes.

We are also recruiting class officers. Anyonce interested....please whisper Zexia, Bronxbebe or Monarg.

Kara Cleared

539359821_Inactive, Feb 10, 08 6:13 AM.
We cleared kara this weeked. Gratz to Monarg on his new shoulders and to Zexia on her new neck!

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

539359821_Inactive, Feb 10, 08 5:35 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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